Archives: December 2011

Thanks for the bonus sheet I discovered when I unfolded the thing for the first time last night.

A crumpled pair of pink satin knickers

The bonus satin knickers under the sheet, not so much.

Dogblogs have been scarce for a while, and one of the reasons is it’s so difficult to get a good picture of Maggie. That is, photographs which actually make her look like she looks like, if you get my drift.

The other reason is that I’m a lazy person and the actual camera has stood on a shelf with its batteries flat since I started taking photos with my phone exclusively. So I deserve what I get, really.

Would you adopt this dog? This shows her beautiful coat and lovely Rottie feet, but oy, the eyes. The eyes! This is completely the camera phone’s fault, but she looks as if she needs the exorcist.

Maggie, photographed with camera phone. Eyes did not come up well. Looks like she needs the exorcist.
Keep away! The sow is mine!!