14 Nov 2011, Comments (18)


Author: Helen

This is the new Cast Iron Balcony home with my very own domain name. Adjust your bookmarks now!

Thanks to Sam Da Silva of Spinach 7, who hosted the Balcony and Barista on the Spinach server from May 2004 to now – that’s seven years – for nix, nothing and nada, and to David of Barista who organised it. I am so grateful to both of them. Also to Viv of VIVidWeb, AKA Tigtog of Hoyden about Town, for making the setup of the new domain so easy and transferring the blog for me. Did you know Viv had a web wrangling business? Well, now you do. File that away for future reference.

It’s been strange not having my blog – like losing the keys to the car and waiting for the RACV. Normal obstreperal outpourings should resume very soon.

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