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15 Oct 2011, Comments (0)

Down Under Feminist Carnival #41

Author: Helen

Down Under Feminists Carnival


The latest DUFC is brought to you by Stef at A Touch of the Crazy.

What’s Good: This enables me to put a post up despite not having written anything for a month.

What’s bad: Not having written anything for a month.

This is the busiest time of year at the Steve Jobs Memorial dogs home (and cattery): It’s when we send the personalised statement out to hundreds of thousands of dogs (and cats) with lots of variable data presenting itself in different ways according to the breed of the dog (or cat). The Dalmation Spot Count alone needs a week of testing. This year it’s fraught because it’s the first time we’ve done it since the release of our new system, DOGZ. As anyone who has worked on a systems upgrade will know, some issue over HERE will cause some bizarre problem over THERE some of which, despite the best efforts of your testers, will slip through due to their sheer bizarro-unpredictability. This year it appears a bunch of wire-haired terriers have missed out on the mailout due to a glitch in the code intended to exclude Mexican Hairless, and we have to do some more work to run the mailout just for them.

Also, I have something wrong with one of my finger joints, and I know there’s no weaker-sounding excuse than “I haz a sore finger.” But it’s making typing a pain.

Back soon.