4 May 2011, Comments (6)

What The…?

Author: Helen

In the Victorian State budget brought down today, the Baillieu government was keen to tell us that we were in for austerity in education spending – they’re aiming for over $300 million in cuts in the next 4 years “in a bid to reign in costs” (sic) (dear oh dear, it’s having an effect already). And they reneged on the election promise to improve public school teachers’ pay. But despite this solemn need for belt-tightening, somehow they still managed to keep their promise to give $240 million over that time to private and Catholic schools.

Who is going to defend the public system? Not the Federal government.

Oh, we got $24m for maths and science specialists in Primary – that’s less than half the amount the Vic government spent this year running the frigging Grand Prix.

The rest of this post was cancelled due to excessive swearing.

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  • anthony says:

    It’s shit really, isn’t it

  • mimbles says:

    I can see why you had to cancel the rest of the post, because all I can really think of to say is “fuck” 🙁

  • elaine says:

    My favourites so far:

    – the axing of Job Watch because ‎”It is my assessment that the activities for which the previous government provided funding are no longer clearly aligned to the objectives of my department,” (Dalla-Riva)

    – The hidden tax increase (LIBERAL TAX INCREASES! NO CONSULTATION!) (n.b. not that the levy was increased but the hypocrisy)

  • Kath Lockett says:

    What. The. Fuck.

    This sort of ‘asshattery’ (love your category) is so soul suckingly exhausting. What. The. Fuck …..

  • Helen says:

    Commenters, I can’t argue with your erudite comments. (Further comment deleted due to excessive swearing, again)

  • armagny says:

    Fucky fucky fuck fuck’d.

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