8 Apr 2011, Comments (5)

Friday Earworm: How Good you are, Mr Pug

Author: Helen

Just one of the lapidary compositions of Joe Pug, whose songs are the earwormiest earworms that ever wormed their way into your ear, never to be dislodged.

I was born into a circus
But I ran off to join a home
Oh, they said that I was worthless
That my family died unknown
So it gets and so it goes
That’s what you get I suppose
For wanting somethin more
Than a life of walkin rows

I’m prone to mondegreens and I heard that last line, at first, as a life of walk-in robes. Because I interpret that song as a wry lecture to his former self, when he dropped out of college to go on the road as a singer-songwriter, I assumed it was a bourgeois life he was escaping, rather than the life of rural toil suggested by walkin rows. But I know nothing about his pre-College history, so I am making assumptions. The “you” in the song isn’t necessarily himself at all, either, of course. But I admit I still have a sneaking preference for walk-in robes.

There’s the studio version and other free downloads here. (Warning: more earworms.)

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  • Amanda says:

    “Bury Me Far from my Uniform” is my favourite song I think.

  • Helen says:

    Funny because that’s the only song that’s attracted any criticism (reviews of the Messenger album are uniformly excellent.) Some people reckon it’s dirgey. I would think the slow tempo is completely appropriate for that song, which owes a lot to Trad. (also a very prolific writer 😉 ) My favourite? Can’t single one out. At present I have a kind of Favourite of the Week.

  • Amanda says:

    ** disconcerting flashback to my father ranting about Leonard Cohen being “a dirge”
    whenever me and my sisters played him.**

    Most of my enduringly favourite singers have been called dirgey (hello, Dylan?) so I’m like, sure, OK? Your point?

    The chorus is beautiful and terrible and was the first earworm Joe Pug ever gave me (not last)

    Songs like “Disguised as Somewhat else” and “Unsophisticated Heart” and “Door Was Always Open” I have appreciated a lot more since I saw him so them live because their delicate, sweet nature really comes through in his performance and live persona. As I think I tweeted, he is dreamy.

  • Helen says:

    Settle, petal!

    It wasn’t my point, it was some others’, with whom I didn’t agree! (see comment) My point was that the song tempo seemed quite OK to me.

  • Amanda says:

    Sorry Helen my “OK You point” was directed at …. the universe not you! I knew what you were saying!

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