9 Mar 2011, Comments (1)

Down Under Feminist Carnival #34 – International Womens Day edition

Author: Helen

Downunder Feminist CarnivalThis month’s Down Under Feminist Carnival is expertly hosted by Spilt Milk. Next month (April 5): This blog!

(Information on the Down Under Feminist Carnival for those of you who might be new to it)

You can send suggestions for Carnival #35 to the Carnival Submissions form, or just via email to h_smart_AT_iprimus_com_au. Otherwise, you could just put links for the DUFC in a comment on this post.

I thought I should at least nod to IWD, as I’ve been bad, as usual, and the day has sailed past in a blur of a full day’s work at the Mike Starr Memorial Dog’s home (and Cattery) , a load of washing, a load of dishes, garden and other diversions, OH THERE’S A TOPIC IN THERE. Ahem.

Yup. Missed it. I’ll have to do an IWD post next year. And I’d also like to link to the 33rd DUFC, brought to you by Leonine Anti-Heroine, which I also missed in recent kerfuffles.

Oh, and the CD launch? It went off.

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