8 Sep 2010, Comments (1)

Down Under Feminist Carnival #28

Author: Helen

This month’s DUFC is at the Dawn Chorus, hosted by Caitlinate. A Caitlinate would be a benign oligarchy made up of Caitlins, I imagine, which I reckon would be a good thing.

But first, an important acknowledgement…

Something quite important has happened in our corner of the world and I think it should be noted and celebrated.

Screenshot of the ABC news web page with heading "Road to the Lodge" Julia Gillard becomes the first woman to be elected as Australia's prime minister.

Congratulations to Julia Gillard, Australia’s first female Prime Minister.

The front page of the Hun this morning had an almost life-size photo of Gillard, but with the caption “Good Luck, Australia!” Such a charming response to this historic event from the Murdoch Minions. She holds her position in spite of their appalling machinations and bias (and there’s more of that to come.)

Downunder Feminist Carnival

OK, off to the DUFC#28 with you. As the Knights of Ni say: “Nooooow….Go!

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  • … yeah “good luck” definitely a bit snide.
    The labelling of Kevin Rudd’s logical appointment, as ‘a banishment’ irritated me severely.

    politics is an ugly business everywhere. makes me wonder if ‘achieving’ the pointy part of the hierarchy merely means The Nastiest.
    I want Julie Bishop to challenge Bunny Rabbit. Liberals are dumb enough to think of setting up A BitchSlap for the next ballot. Duelling Blowdryers.
    I wish NZ still had Helen Clarke as PM too – The Ditch would be a BitchDitch.
    Where I disagree with Our PM, I have hope based on her past behaviour, that she has the capacity to rethink and evolve in a compromise …

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