27 Aug 2010, Comments (8)

Friday Earworm: WAGONS!

Author: Helen

Orright, so I’ve gone from Earworm of the Week back to Friday Earworm. My blog, my rules.

You have to admit, the psychedelic-mushroom munching-hillbilly-slightly creepy and scary but hilarious vid for this song goes really well with the events of the week just gone.

And I love this quote from an old interview:

“When my relatives ask, ‘What have you been doing with yourself?’, and I tell them I’ve been playing in a country band, a grimace comes over their faces,” he says, “and they pretend to be supportive.”

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  • blue milk says:

    Probably the best quote from an interview with a musician EVER. Thanks for introducing us to it.

  • psychoBilly yee haaaaaaaa!

    Melbourne artist Spook James 1980’s The Rubber Room defined it for me. there’s a video too, and yes they wear straightjackets.

    see you at The Union.

  • kate says:

    Wagons, on the last night of their last tour, at the Theatre Royal in Castlemaine has (despite how sick the Bloke and I were on the night) made my list of best gigs ever. I luff him.

    Have you downloaded the pattern from mixtape for making your own Henry Wagons doll yet?

  • Helen says:

    Have you downloaded the pattern from mixtape for making your own Henry Wagons doll yet?

    ??!!? *Goes off to google it

    Marshall-Stacks, see you there!

    Blue milk – His family are a Name in Classical music in SA. (Not Wagons. His real name.) But I think all of us who have gone through the being in bands thing can identify!

  • Helen says:

    Humph. Henry Wagons doll v. underwhelming if you frequent makers and their blogs. (Basically a calico pillow with a decal on the front.) Still, Nick Cave never had a doll, did he? That’s a whole other level of fandom. If he had, it would have been one of those scary pale Edwardian numbers with eyelids that open and shut (BY THEMSELVES…)

  • Ann O'Dyne says:

    ‘Nick’ and ‘doll’, can not be mentioned in same sentence with adding ‘nose’ and ‘Barbie’.

  • Ann O'Dyne says:

    drat – withOUT adding his nose is just like Barbie’s, so that’s a doll for him.

  • paul walter says:

    Yes it is a most clever clip and just the sort of thing I would love to show to a nervous aunt.
    I am glad now that I know what an “ear worm” is, I previously thought it was something out of Star Trek or that they used them in advertising. I suppose that’s more a “thought-worm”.
    Iggg, all this talk of wriggling, writhing beige worms at bed time… positively gothic.

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