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Author: Helen

That’s a reference to Feminist Hulk, of course. And I was channelling Feminist Hulk on Friday reading he AGE on the train to work. It’s a worry when you’re in a crowded carriage and your tiny purple shorts start to split…

Picture of Kevin Rudd pulling his shirt apart to reveal a superhero costume with "Rudd to Gillard: I'll Save You"

No, no Disney damsel in distress narrative here at all.

I’d heard an excerpt from the Phillip Adams interview the night before so I was well aware that Kevin Rudd was going to stop sitting around in a sulk with the ALP logo erased from his placards and join the campaign properly, once he was physically up to it. As in, join the campaign. Like one of the merry band on the road to Mordor. But our news media chose to describe Rudd’s return through the lens of … Male White Hero returns to Rescue Damsel in Distress.

With a side serve of We Knew a Sheila wouldn’t be Up to the Job. Move outa the way, Gillard, and let the men do this properly.


Still from the spoof video Kevin Rudd "I will survive", juxtaposed with an ad for an article from the Business section

Tools getting you down? I know the feeling.

I didn’t put those images together – that was on the same page as the article headed “Ex-PM Rudd to PM Gillard: I will save you” by Michelle Grattan and Michael Gordon. Was a disgruntled subeditor making a veiled comment there? If they still have any, that is. And was there any evidence that Rudd actually said anything about “saving” anyone? There isn’t any in the article. But the actual journalists were all on song about the White Knight Rescue narrative.

This from Michelle Grattan, who I once respected so much:

“Knifed one day, needed the next…
…Move over Julia. Kevin’s here to help.
…Rudd looked positively prime ministerial when he spoke yesterday.

And the next day:

It’s the ultimate girl-meets boy encounter…His place or hers?


…the woman who grabbed his job from him.
(John Faulkner was) a prime matchmaker for this bizarre marriage of convenience …

There’s more, but I’d really like to keep this nice Sunday dinner down.

So, Gillard can’t win. If Labor wins the election it’ll be “she couldn’t do it without Kevin10!1!”. If she loses, well, a chick just wasn’t up to it.

Headzup to the Oz media. You’ve already been called repeatedly on your crap (non) reporting. And I’m not Robinson Crusoe with my disillusionment and anger.

Shape up, please, before we end up with this.

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  • Pavlov's Cat says:

    I think your smashing this week has been, you know, smashing.

  • Helen says:

    Thanks Pav. And that was an excellent guest post. Hope there’s many more.

  • Kath Lockett says:

    I love the advert on the right that says, “Tools to help women”.

    Couldn’t have put it better myself.

  • I am too shocked to comment. Still in mental seizure over seeing ex-PM Rudd in a promo for The Tracey Grimshaw show … only it was Michael Chamberlain.

  • Bernice says:

    The Rudd-Adams interview had me thinking of Dorothy Parker’s review of The House at Pooh Corner – “at which Tonstant Weader fwowed up.” Then Latham emerged from whichever sandpit he’s lurking in these days to fulfil some bizarre prophecy about Zombie Leaders Past. While posing as a journalist. Nooice.

    Perhaps we should follow Parker’s advice concerning Rand’s Atlas Shrugged with any paper or media product that we chance upon for the next 14 days:
    “This is not a novel to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force.”

  • blue milk says:

    Oh dear god, how Rudd can be re-imagined as heroic in all this boggles the Hulk mind? More like sulky child offered an extra turn so their grizzling doesn’t ruin the party for everyone else.

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