29 May 2010, Comments (6)

Nasty email forwards

Author: Helen

How do you know when it’s getting closer to election time in Australia? By the incidences of unbelievable asshattery, douchebaggery and sheer fuckery which start popping up.

Yesterday one of my co-workers at the Ronnie James Dio Memorial Dogs home (and cattery) got an email with a variation (it’s mutating all the time) of this. (Scroll down for the May 2010 example.)


Using google-fu, it took about three seconds to find out the history of this…piece of work.

What about the piece of work who made it and circulated it? What kind of person does this? Whoever you are, you are the very doyen of Douchebaggery. And you, the person who forwarded the thing. Yes, you. I hope you are thoroughly ashamed of yourself and not just for being pranked by some nasty email hoaxer with an agenda.

At least we know it’s getting closer to Election time. Stand by for more horrid examples of what backroom droids can cook up in their petri dishes.

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  • Yes, it will be a race to the bottom from here on in. It’s hard to know what will change that aspect of Australian politics.

  • Bernice says:

    I particularly love the manner in which the MSM has fact-checked its sources; particularly Alan Jones. Isn’t the bringing of facts to the project of journalism one of the few points the MSM wishes to claim in its favour against the oceans of opinion and wooly-headedness filling the netsphere?

    Perhaps we need to start circulating emails claiming that people opposed to, say, humane refugee policies have “been proved in university tests to have sub-50 IQs.” Or “are more likely to support the teaching of creationism in our schools”. No, no, wait, “believe that climate change data has been forged by an international ring of scientists dedicated to the destruction of modern Western civilisation.”

  • screamish says:

    Oh yes, i got this a while back, from a good friend..a charming specimen///and so many more like it. Do people download their brains when they sign up for internet access? just wondering…

  • Rebekka says:

    If I got this from a “good friend” they wouldn’t be a good friend any longer.

  • paul walter says:

    A substantial case of asshattery (actually something much more malignant), proven.
    The agitprop is actually a mutation of the same stuff msm used to come up with, as to local welfare beneficaries and aborigines for example, before it became detested by the public for the grubby tactic it was.
    But asylum seekers proves the gambit can be made applicable against other outsider minorities as well, provided the instigator is pathologically dishonest enough.

  • paul walter says:

    You know, they’ve done this every election since the Vietnamese started coming, way back when.

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