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Found Poetry

Author: Helen

Unfortunately, I don’t understand poetry, but I do enjoy it sometimes. I stumbled on some Found Poetry at Ron Sullivan’s blog (she’s a faultline.org blogger, so you know she’s worth a look.) This is from Home Kinks: Popular Mechanics Home-Owners’ Guide, 1945.

To simplify the task of lifting a meat loaf from the pan,
one housewife places a strip of waxed paper in the pan
so that both ends extend over the edges.

The annoyance of having her silk stockings dry
with streaks in them led
one housewife to hang them between damp towels.

Read the whole thing.

I thought I’d try it for myself. The subject is confronting.

It’s a thought provoking contrast with a pretty palomino, something little girls dream about. Of course, the title was taken straight from the found text.

This is from the February 27, 2010 Auction Report, Tofield, Alberta, Canada.
Pretty Palomino

Black Quarter Horse two year old no white
Run in scared but pretty, good weight
Two-fifty meat buyer
Chestnut Quarter Horse two year filly
Run in star marking good weight pretty
Two-sixty meat buyer

Standardbred four year old no papers
Not fast enough to race but broke. Led around
9DN3E brand on neck three hundred meat buyer
Sorrel grade stud with halter
Chased around three fifty
Meat buyer Walter
Straight to slaughter
Cremello tobiano yearling
Filly application there yearling
Ok weight ninety, meat buyer

Palomino mare Quarter Horse papers promised
Nice looking, run around yelling
For foal selling
As grade pretty good weight
385 meat buyer
Cremello yearling
Same as earlier one
A little heavier meat buyer Les

Cremello tobiano mare registered seven
Chased around with rope halter ok weight
Three hundred meat buyer Walter…straight

Cremello mare reg papers good weight
Two eighty-five meat buyer

Palomino six year old paint mare registered
Run around friendly and petted
Led a bit two seventy meat buyer
Straight to slaughter again

Paint mare palomino pretty
Four year old Quarter Horse cut on knee
Not bad registered a little thin
Two seventy meat buyer straight to slaughter
Pretty palomino yearling filly
Run through one forty meat buyer

The found text didn’t have anything which made a good ending, so my “found poem” just stops abruptly.

The text is from Fugly Horse of the Day, a legendary blog which has done a lot to showcase the problems of continuing to breed companion animals which end up surplus to human needs and wants. Something we all need to think about in these financially shaky times.

And that’s probably as close to poetry writing as I will ever get.

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