20 Feb 2010, Comments (5)

Friday earworm: My Definition of an unfair ruling

Author: Helen

This is My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style by the Dream Warriors, from Canada. I love Acid Jazz and I think this is one of my favourite things ever.

The Head tune is from Quincy Jones’ Soul Bossa Nova (Roland Kirk is the flautist).

Here’s a thought experiment: What do you think the Dream Warriors’ homage to / quotation of Soul Bossa Nova would have done for this recording’s sales, given that it’s obscure back catalogue which previously would have to have been hunted down by afictionados who knew of its existence in the first place (barring the odd brilliant remainder bin accident, and we’ve all had ’em.)

Probably the bump would have been small, but it would have advanced the original artists a bit among a demographic which wouldn’t have discovered them otherwise. Even if in a small way. Discuss.

Let’s hope the Dream Warriors avoid the notice of rent seeking parasites.

More here and here.

Comments (5)

  • Ann O'Dyne says:

    over at Marshall Stacks, Bwca quotes Norm*Lurie
    “The company has hit the jackpot since buying the rights to Kookaburra in 1990 for just $6100”. Mr Lurie estimates Larrikin has netted “hundreds of thousands’’ of dollars from licensing agreements with publishers and authors around the world, who had always considered it to be in the public domain.
    “It’s earnt a hell of a lot of money for us since we’ve bought it,’’ Mr Lurie said
    “The song had not even been registered until 1975, when someone suggested it to Sinclair, he said”

    That last bit is intriguing – how are royalties paid to APRA on a composition they don’t have a record of?
    APRA would not survive an investigation into monies collected, but that’s another story.”

  • and it is remarkable that when Warren*Fahey founded his Larrikin record label, it was based on sea shanties, colonial songs, and Traditional Works which were all Public Domain and required no mechanical royalties to be paid (mechanical is separate from Performing).
    This vile action by multinational corporate puppet Norm*Lurie, has been enabled by that Free Trade Agreement that JWHoward (on our behalf) entered into with GWBush.

  • ThirdCat says:

    I loooove that song…always, always makes me feel good.

  • CastIron Carol says:

    totally great song – what a good remix eh? makes me think of Austin powers doing a handstand…lol

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