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But he meant it to be ironic!

Author: Helen

Pic of a woman crushed under a giant, retro iron, with caption "Don't let your iron get you down..."

Well, we can settle in for an entertaining year in which the hairy and hilarious leader of the opposition competes with his shadow cabinet for Tool of the Week. It’s got to the stage where HAT has an ongoing Obligatory Tony Abbott said What Now? thread.

For those outside the country, his latest effort was:

“What the housewives of Australia need to understand as they do the ironing, is that if they get it done commercially, it’s gonna go up in price, and their own power bills as they switch the iron on are gonna go up every year, I mean…”

Which immediately, of course, brought on some hilarious tweets and comments. The winner was Zoe, prize: One medium sized internet.

@crazybrave: I would like to iron Tony Abbot’s budgie smugglers. While he was in them.
@tobiasziegler: “We respect women’s right to wear the burqa, but it’s just one more thing they have to iron.”
@jeanburgess: I can only understand national policy through examples of how it might affect my daily life as an ordinary housewife. Thanks, Tony Abbott!
@tammois I know, let’s hook Abbott up with Palin to go rule Planet Stupid and Offensive.
@antipodeankate: I’m not ironing because I am busy crocheting my husband a pipe, shaking up a litre of martini and organising his ties.
I leave the house for half an hour and Tony Abbott says something guaranteed to annoy me… I’m a wife, I’m in my house, I’m not ironing.
@TimDunlop What conservative pols of Aust have to think about when they are fantasising about housewives doing ironing is that it’s best not to share

And from the bloggiverse, some wise advice for young Tones from Paul Burns commenting on LP:

…(S)tay away from wimminz ishoos. They already know you are a turd. You don’t have to prove it over and over again day after day.

Some people think he just has to be on the ALP payroll. It does make a kind of sense.

The image above represents my vision of life under a Liberal government with Abbott as PM; I stole it from Antipodean Kate.

Comments (16)

  • Bwca Brownie says:

    great post Helen, but I can’t comment as brain is still paralysed by his photo on p6 of today’s Herald-Sun. Now it is the lycra bike pants and I really think he is promoting his physical self for some very weird reason.

    Tony Abbott in revealing lycra bike shorts, Aaaieeeee!!

  • Helen says:

    Bwca, by my wondrous html-fu I have made sure that you can’t escape, even here.
    Holy nazarene-on-a-stick, but that is disturbing!

  • Zoe says:


  • DrNaomi says:

    MY EYES!

  • JahTeh says:

    That is a wondrous photograph of a truly terrific bloke.
    Yes, I’m joking, what made you ask?

    But if I had a teenage daughter, it would be plastered on her bedroom wall and if that didn’t turn her off blokes, nothing would.

  • Mindy says:

    @ Jah Teh

    “Sort yourself out young lady, or that picture of Tony Abbott is going back up!”
    That type of thing?

    All we need now is Planet Janet to explain again why we are really all secretly attracted to him. Excuse me I feel the urgent need to throw up.

  • Kath Lockett says:

    I wish somebody would take an iron and flatten his ears back.

    Lycra is evil and should NEVER EVER be seen in public. What’s he got down there – a giant plastic dog turd???

  • Armagny says:

    Brownie, that SURELY counts as trolling!

    Janet must have had palpitations.

  • Ann oDyne says:

    That old advert with the iron flattening The Little Woman, appears to me as a very violent misogynistic image. Those Mad Men behind it make me sick.
    Abbotts lunchbox makes me sick too.
    I hope those virgin daughters of his are horrified. The photo is child abuse – their schoolfriends must be giving them hell.

  • Bernice says:

    Well at least we now know what John Howard is doing with himself…

  • JahTeh says:

    Mindy, more along the lines of don’t do it or use contraception or you could end up with something like this for life.
    My neighbour wear bike lycra and he doesn’t have a funny pouch like that. Perhaps Tone keeps his repair kit and pump in it.

  • Helen says:

    Well at least we now know what John Howard is doing with himself…

    I didn’t quite get that Bernice; is JH what Tones is hiding in that green bulge? It’s bad enough looking at it without the idea that little Johnny’s grinning face could pop out from the leg seams.

    This breaks my heart: Leunig is another commenter who should STFU about womens issues, seriously. Cartoon is no. 2 of 81 here.
    Woman (Very short black dress and heels, code: nasty slut, finger pointing, wild eyed): “How dare you call me a housewife it’s so demeaning I’m a tough bitch and proud of it…”

    (See, there are housewives and then there are tough bitches. That’s your choice!)

    Man (Bent over, hands in front of face, code: Pussy-whipped by nasty slut): I’m sorry, I’m sorry, how could I forget? I’m such a low, horrible, stupid worm

    Daughter (Scowling, hands on hips, code: Nasty slut and pussy-whipper in training): “Dad, that’s so offensive to worms.”

    Oh hahahahahaha, phbbt.

  • Bernice says:

    Yes well I kinda was going there…. sorry, I’m so offended by everything the man says, does and dresses in, I was going for maximum crudeness. I just start stockpiling tomatoes instead.

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