6 Nov 2009, Comments (13)

Temporarily lost for words

Author: Helen

I’m officially on hiatus. Of course, having said that, I’ll probably get the blogging diahorrea next week, but at the moment the VCE and other work and family obsessions have given me writers block.

Back soon.

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  • Ann oDyne says:

    One rests, another returns … Lucy Tartan’s hiatus is about to end, so we’ll be over there when you’re ready again.
    I did a Blogger On A Cast Iron Balcony post for you a while back,
    and a Mr Bucket a long while back. Brace for a Bucket On A Balcony post.

  • Bernice says:

    May Girlchild blitz the VCE. And a Mr Bucket tshirt in every Ozzie christmas stocking.

  • ThirdCat says:

    Shit! The VCE. Oh, my.

    What Bernice said. May all be truly awesome for you and yours.


  • genevieve says:

    yes, the VCE will do that to parents. Hopefully not to your VCEr though. Iz now the time to put a box of champers in the laundry.

  • blue milk says:

    Successful study thoughts to yours… but will miss you all the same.

  • Kath Lockett says:

    Think GnTs (for you, not the VCE sufferer), heaps of chocolate (for everyone), neck rubs (you for and the VCE sufferer) and a fond ‘good luck’ from all of us, your faithful readers!

  • david_h says:

    Yes good luck 🙂 Maybe this can help…

  • Bernice says:

    Just checking all’s well…. having noted the lack of a time frame for the hiatus, nevertheless your reading public grows impatient….

  • frances says:

    Hi! I know you’re on hiatus, but I’m doing some research on Australian feminist blogs and wondered if you’d be interested in being interviewed in late January in Melbourne. If you’re interested/would like to know more please email me at franceshaw AT gmail DOT com and I will send you some info.

  • Casey Misses You says:


    When are you coming back???

  • Casey Misses You says:

    Oh and moderated no less.

  • Casey says:

    Let’s see how many times we can get moderated

  • Helen says:

    OH HAI Casey!
    Well, you’re psychic or something b/c I was just about to start posting again. Just something silly to get the stiff old fingers flexing again…
    I’m going to quote you on one of the LP threads at some stage too, just as a warning.
    You really need a blog you know!

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