23 Oct 2009, Comments (3)

Friday earworm: Dan Sultan

Author: Helen

I heard this on Music Deli a while back and my hair fairly stood on end. It’s been my number one earworm and consolation over a fairly trying too-busy-to-blog couple of weeks.

Here’s the only YouTube of this song I can find, and unfortunately the audio is shit. Imagine this song with wonderful sound, starting with a clean, hair-raising blast from that horn section, and go off and buy Homemade Biscuits. It’s as if Wilson Pickett came back to life as an Australian and joined the Saints.

This song should go in the Pool room along with Know Your Product, Eternally Yours, and other iconic Australian indie foot stompers.

Dan Sultan is releasing another album at the Espy Gershwin room on November 21. I hope he’s still using that horn section.

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  • Ann ODyne says:

    alright !

    goes off humming … nah nana naNah my little lucy

    2. PS put “juliet balcony” into image search

  • Helen says:

    Thanks for that Annie, have a different image in mind; Think of a really really rusted out piece of lacework which I’ll photograph closely so it lends itself to a rectangular image at the top of the page (the Juliet is taller therefore more difficult to fit in), and hopefully has some nice warm colours in it. Also the Australian Victorian lacework maps back to the Hal Porter balcony which the Juliet balcony doesn’t. It would be uber-cool to get a shot of the original balcony, but unfortunately as you know it was demolished.

    Also, the Balcony is not the sort of balcony where I stand and sob “Romeo, where art thou Romeo!” It’s the sort of balcony where we sit quaffing our choice of beverage and snarking at the activities of the humans in the street.

  • David Irving (no relation) says:

    Gotta agree about the shit sound, Helen, but bloody interesting. They’re also reminiscent of early “Hunters and Collectors”, partly because of the brass section.

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