10 Oct 2009, Comments (6)

What’s going on with the Balcony?

Author: Helen

The Cast Iron Balcony is undergoing renovation. Although cast iron is likely to figure prominently in the future, the old lace in the header has been biffed off the Balcony and taken away in a skip to restore a nice old Victorian somewhere else. At the moment I’m using the generic template – think of it as one of those house renovations where all the studs and frames are exposed for a while with a tarp hastily tied around some bits of it.

The old look was just getting a bit beige for me. Any cast iron lacework images featuring colour and rust would be greatly appreciated if anyone has any. I’ll be doing the redesign when I get around to it – and as anyone who knows Australian amateur renovators would know, that could be a while!

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  • Kath Lockett says:

    Just remember to securely cover your mini skip or when you go out the next morning to pick your paper off the lawn you’ll find that some neighbours have filled it with soggy mattresses, dead TVs and moving boxes!

    I do have a couple of rusty lacework photos for you that I took on my walkies around Flemington – send me your email details to kathl@tpg.com.au and I’ll fling ’em to you for your consideration, rejection or amusement.

  • faithh says:

    Can I poke around in your skip?

    I have many fotos featuring colour and rust and I think I remember there were even two or so with lace ironwork. (Corrugated iron is more my thing). Will trawl through my flickr account and see what I can dig up for you.

  • Helen says:

    Thanks Kath and Faith!
    The skip might not have much in it that you would want now the neighbours have been through it in the time honoured Melbourne tradition.

  • Bernice says:

    I’d offer to wander ’round Paddington to get a few shots, but it appears all the cast iron has either been newly painted or replaced with stainless steel and glass…

  • Helen says:

    Nice photos Kath… I might use one of them. I have a vision (ahem) of a closer up shot with lots of red rust. Will go out with the camera one day soon!

  • ann odyne says:

    just put “cast iron balcony” into guugle Images searchbox – a feast of pix, and hornswoggle.blogspot has Mumbai balconies all very rusted

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