4 Sep 2009, Comments (2)

Friday Earworm: Pete Murray

Author: Helen

The boychild introduced me to this singer. I’d heard of Neil Murray, but not Pete Murray.

I can’t work out whether this one is my favourite, or this:

I love the way the rhythm section flies in the chorus.

That natural voice, sitting pretty in the natural range, with a bit of breath, no meslisma and pyrotechnics: Idols please note.

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  • Mindy says:

    I heard him say once that his SIL chipped him about wearing the “Village Drunk” t-shirt for the film clip. I think he said that they wanted a yellow tee for the clip and that was the only one they could find. I wonder if he would wear a Mr Bucket t-shirt?

    Great singer, I agree. I think I like Opportunity best.

  • david h says:

    my boy child did the same for me a few years ago, Pete’s a nice talent 🙂

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