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Explain to me again why we’re there?

Author: Helen

So, we did what Hitchens and Bone and all those people thought was the right thing to do, and we went into Afghanistan and we bombed it from the air and we killed all those people, including noncombatants, and we effected regime change.

We helped to install Hamid Karzai. Who has has freed drug traffickers from jail, pardoned rapists, gang rapists, he has signed off on a law that makes Shiite women obliged to have sex with their husbands, where their husbands are entitled to withhold food and shelter from them, he has brought back into his circle half a dozen of the worst warlords of the 1990s, these are people who, because of their place in Afghan history, they are feared, and they are loathed, by the bulk of the population. And he has promised more government offices than there are provinces to govern.

Whenever we invade these countries and cause such immense suffering it’s always supposed to be about the womens’ situation. Because our invasion and our “peacekeeping” will fix it. And if feminists oppose doing this, or are “silent”, they’re demonstrating their lack of real commitment to the cause of womens’ liberation.

Explain to me again why eleven of our young people have died putting this man into power and keeping him there?
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  • Kath Lockett says:

    I remember when my husband was recovering from surgery in 2003 just as we’d decided to go join the circus and invade Afghanistan with the US. He was drug affected and in a lot of pain (there were complications, we found out later) but he cried and cried about Australia being part of this whole stupid, pointless, bloody mess.

    Perhaps we all should too.

  • Stewart says:

    The sad thing is that the international community seems to have let us down. the more nations share the load, the less of a load it will be. It is a mess, but should we all turn our backs on it? I agree with Stephen Smith, we’re trying to support democracy, not Karzai, but we need a ton of support in that, in monitoring corruption, in reporting, preventing and bringing actions against human rights abuses, all while trying not to create animosity as ‘foreign interferers’. Sure ain’t easy.

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