15 Jul 2009, Comments (2)

Death of a Piano

Author: Helen

Via a comment by Nabs at Still Life with Cat.

Hauschka – Morgenrot from Jeff Desom on Vimeo.

Morgenrot is an animation made from old photos of New York from the Library of Congress. That haunting music is from Hauschka (Volker Bertlemann), a modern composer from Dusseldorf.

More about it here.

Comments (2)

  • brownie says:

    I hope you saw the doco on the making of the Steinway Grand No L1037, broadcast on sunday afternoon TV (last?) week.
    It was rivetting.

  • Helen says:

    Sadly, no! I had to do 100,000 hours of housework on Sunday.
    On Saturday we went to Hepburn Springs and put a load of Bucket T shirts in a new gallery/shop called Wolf at the Door.
    Enthusiastic young couple with first venture, bless. They do have some cool stuff.
    Today they rang to order more cos they’re selling so fast.
    Mr Bucket stood around in Daylesford 4 awhile handing out his zines. I lurked nearby taking photos and laughing at passerby comments. Will blog!

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