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Spirit of P P McGuinness, leave Razer’s body!

Author: Helen

One of the scary things about getting older is watching other people, who used to be younger and groovier than yourself, age and settle into the sclerotic patterns of unexamined privilege and rightwing attitudes.

In the 90s, as a thirtysomething, I used to listen admiringly to Helen vocalising volubly on 3-RRR Triple J with Mikey Robins. You might have noticed I have a weakness for people who write hilarious, OTT rants full of subordinate clauses, tangents, abstruse words and the occasional runon sentence – Twisty and Tiger Beatdown, Elizabeth Farrelly sometimes. That’s a clumsy attempt to describe what I liked about Helen on the radio. As a thirtysomething in the 90s, I heard her as the voice of younger and hipper people, as well.

So who took away that Helen and replaced her with Christina Hoff Sommers?

I respect Helen’s childfree status – but she doesn’t, it seems, respect others. And all that boilerplate anti-Greens shit? “Hippies”/naive/”ancient-grains”/”patchouli” – it’s a wonder there’s no reference to hemp or volvos there, but you get the incredibly original and edgy jokey references that have never been made before, don’t you?

And the idea that she once voted Green because she was perimenopausal, and therefore unable to make a rational decision, is really special. Of course, that could be taken to mean that childfree women are equally unfit for Parliament because they’re all stark raving bonkers once they reach the median age for the MPs there. That just explains why no-one should employ a woman over forty to do anything, anywhere. Good one Helen! Seems there’s really no life stage in which we can expect to share in the democratic process!

Seems the spirit of backlash antifeminism has claimed another writing soul. And it seems in the MSM as it is today, that kind of writing is well rewarded. The punters love it – so maybe Razer has just made a rational decision, despite the dreaded perimenopause. It’s sad for us fans, though.

Comments (14)

  • Meself says:

    Hate this sort of nonsense.

    Has she turned into one of those scribblers who make sh*t up because it makes good copy for the payer of the piper or does she really believe what she’s written?

    There seems to be a growing list of scribblers in that category.

    Bettina Arndt, Christopher Hitchens, Bolta, Timmeh, etc.

    There should be a disclaimer at the bottom of their columns telling readers whether the articles have been written with their hands on their hearts or with their hands on their bank deposit slips and work place agreements.

    And no, this Pollyanna won’t be holding his (oops, surprise sex change!) breath.

  • gee says:

    JJJ wasn’t she?

  • Helen says:

    Oops, you are right Gee – Fixed now.

  • Cristy says:

    That was a particularly vapid and nasty piece that she wrote.

    John Birmingham is another example of this sad progression.

  • Ann O'Dyne says:

    Razer’s –
    “Well, I don’t think that the primary care-givers of children should be parliamentarians”
    seems to indicate that the men in the senate are all child-less, or should be; or that they are not primary caregivers to their own children.

    Her piece was so awful I hoped it was a deliberate set-up.
    This week in particular we have seen every politician behaving in their house, worse than any 2-year-old could.

    Razer is highly intelligent, but that does not mean she isnt also completely mad.

  • Kath Lockett says:

    I gave up on Razer years ago, at about the time she left JJJ. Nothing I’ve read of hers since (esp those inpenetrable, ‘look at me I’m so much more intelligent than you’ articles she wrote for the Age in the late 1990s) has been worth a cracker. Intelligence doesn’t necessarily mean creativity, empathy or wisdom earned from maturity.

    Still, she’s gotta pay her mortgage and fill her fridge up with aloe vera juice and quinoa I s’pose….

  • Meself says:

    Absolutely “SNAP”, Kath and Annie.

  • I used to love her too when we were all err younger. But after seeing her pretend to moderate a panel discussion at a food/web event a few years ago where she proved she new nothing about web 2.0, as little about food and didn’t understand moderating is about getting the panel to speak not hijack everything with her own ranting….outdated yes. Sad. Very.

    But stab her wee post-feminist arse with that piece of twaddle in Crikey!

  • Pavlov's Cat says:

    Good call, Cristy — Birmingham’s always been a bit that way but has been steadily getting more so.

  • armagny says:

    F*cking hell, I must say I followed the link with quite an open mind H, you and I don’t always agree and given I’m also a longterm fan of Razor, despite the fact that she and JJJ destroyed dozens of community radio shows with their monday metal thing (Monday was the default day that community heavy metal shows across the country, from Sydney to Darwin, seemed to fall into. I find it hard to beleive JJJ didn’t know this, but I digress…) I expected to find something mildly reactionary that might even make me half smile.

    That was the greatest load of anti democratic, anti woman, anti parent, anti child bile I think I’ve ever read. I know it’s a predictable thing for me to ask, and apologies for any offence out there, but does she have kids herself?

    The idea that people of either gender who dedicate any decent amount of time to the care of their kids have no right to be involved in government is anti democratic and extraordinarily offensive.

    The particular SHY incident is one thing, but arguing she should basically get her ar*e back to the kitchen and out of government entirely is….

    I get up during the night for my kids and get an average of 5.5 hours sleep a night, then I go do policy work. I don’t think it’s crap, I’d like to see that irrelevant imbecile do a better job.

    Can I add, sits in stark contrast with an article in last week’s Crikey by a liberal senator from Qld that argued for more child friendly conditions in parliament…

    Onya H.

  • Helen says:

    Yes, I didn’t even get started on the anti-parent and anti-child aspect of it. There’s so much to detest in the one little piece.

  • armagny says:

    Not that I’m sensitive about such things these days. Nothing to do with me being in the process of ruling lines through various youthful career options on the basis that I want to be a parent (not a midnight to 6am lodger who brings in wages).

  • mediapig says:

    I no longer think intelligence is necessarily a value positive trait. It all depends on how it’s wielded. Unfortunately HR’s has often, I think, been subservient to her ambition. She’s always been good at saying whatever suits the times (and sadly her current set of rants seems to do just that).

  • growing old ungracefully says:

    And when you see the big swing to scleroticism opinionatus, you gotta reckon that the young groovy thingdom was all a put on in the first place.

    Frankly, I find it hard to see how one’s opinions would get milder with age or how one can swing fascistically if the thinking muscle keeps getting exercised proper-like.

    And yeah, I played Led Zeppelin on 3RRR before they became cool again. (The J’s lost their cool with the third J, unfortunately)

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