11 May 2009, Comments (9)


Author: Helen

It always appears when a Federal or State budget night is – to use the MSM’s current fave word du jour – looming.

I saw it as I was coming out of the turnstiles at Parliament station. The poster for the Herald Sun: TAX SLUG BEER CIGS. Oh. Budget time.

This ghastly gastropod has terrorised the Australian scene for decades. My extensive research (i.e. Wikipedia) has eliminated the common slug, banana slug or even the Red Triangle slug (found in Melbourne snooker halls?) No, this is more of your gigantic mutant movie monster, like the Slugs that Ate Canberra.

The Hun obviously doesn’t approve of the Tax Slug and seems to be urging the citizens of Australia, as in any good B-movie, to band together to fight this mucous menace. Here is how a Hun journo and Aghast of Mt Martha see the Tax Slug:

The Tax Slug: Eating all your money!!1!1

However! We of the social democratic persuasion see the Tax Slug in a more glass-half-full way:

The Tax Slug, the social democratic view

Something I forgot to add when I photoshopped this Tax Slug… We can haz Paid Parental leave? I hear a weak cry of “yes”. But not until 2011, apparently. Bummer.

Some people of a needlessly literal and nitpicking type might drop in at this point to inform me that Slug is used here in the sense of a Tax Hit, as in taking a hit, possibly from the German schlage? Well, I refuse to believe that, that’s all. Not only have I forked out all that money for a mucus-proof suit and slug gun, but that would require me to believe that all these journos all over Australia, people who are paid to write, just keep recycling and recycling a piece of slang that was out of date when my mum was a girl. Say it isn’t so!

Comments (9)

  • Bernice says:

    Had to laugh – had a conversation with the middle aged gay bloke who runs the local store who was very cross about the paid maternity leave being held up til 2011…

  • Caroline says:

    Yeah well I’m a bit cross about it too. Well cross isn’t really the right word. But I just can’t help but feel deeply cynical about something that a current government puts in place that won’t be acted upon until they are possibly no longer actually the current government.

    My crystal ball tells me that the devil is in the detail and there will be a veritable satanic host arriving sometime soon. I’m also a bit pissed off with a Labor government who seems far more concerned with placating and doing deals with business than looking after . . . er working families. and the rest of the us.

  • Helen says:

    Oh bless that bloke. And I hope Swan and K-Rudd don’t go too overboard with the “working families”, another cliche du jour. *grits teeth*

  • Zoe says:

    I heart your tax slug

  • Kath Lockett says:

    You need to draw an entire Working Family of Tax Slugs. We’d all buy the t-shirts!

  • Ann oDyne says:

    A Mr.Bucket-full of taxus sluggus

  • Curiousities says:

    *has a strange and curious urge to use your pics with her year 12 economics class tomorrow*

    You made me laugh (and think at the same time!) 🙂

  • Helen says:

    Welcome Curiousities! I am going to overwrite the second one as I forgot to put “Environment” on it anywhere, as someone at LP pointed out!


  • Helen says:

    Updated nao. Iz better.

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