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The Clade

Author: Helen


Pronunciation: ˈklād : Function: noun : Etymology: Greek klados

: a group of biological taxa (as species) that includes all descendants of one common ancestor.

Many of you are familiar with Chris Clarke, US environmental writer and all-round awesum blogger.

If you like his stuff, you might be interested to know he’s started an environmental blog, The Clade.

It appears it’s not parochial to the US or California. When I went there just now, the top story was from South Australia!

When you’ve finished looking around that site, read this – it’s beautiful.
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Comments (8)

  • ThirdCat says:

    tx for those links, Helen – that surely is a beautiful piece of writing

  • Helen says:

    TC, it’s quite spooky that you commented so soon here, because that piece made me think of your writing.

  • ThirdCat says:

    hey! the comment worked! it told me there was a network error, so I went and left it on lp instead. But here it is.

  • Kath Lockett says:

    Ah, you had me at South Australia

  • Casey says:

    Beautiful writing. Thanks for the links Helen.

  • Lang Mack says:

    Helen said,

    ‘Lang Mack, if I got one of your Boarder Collies would he pay to stay with me?’
    Helen, Boarder Collies THINK they are the canine equivalent of a combination of Max Planck and George Clooney,however far smarter and more desirable. The females are vain.
    Are you hard to train?..
    Be careful what you wish for…..
    Old Boarder Collie woofing..:).

  • Ann oDyne says:

    Awesome Letter To The Editor today Helen.
    That vile ‘trainer’ who threatens to kill his horses if they can’t race, just sickened me.
    Wherever humans are having a bad time, animals are having a worse time, and low-rent white-trash ‘connections’ reveal their equine ‘love’ by having no desire to support the creatures’ life, unless it gives them a chance to piss away their pension by betting on it.
    may they burn and rot in hell.

  • Helen says:

    And as you know Annie O, the fact that they get to stay alive while they’re racing just delays the trip to the dogger by two years or so. So it’s not like the jumps races “save” them really, at all.

    Do you read FHOTD? Great fisking here. (Usually. Horse people can stray into wingnuttery at times, but generally Fugly’s good.)

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