30 Apr 2009, Comments (9)

My latest eggcorn

Author: Helen

The kids keep me up to date on current top-100 music, so I don’t go all niche-y. I did think it was odd that a band would write a song about being shocked by an electric eel.

That’s a Moray.

That's a Moray

Talking of niche, I’m off to see the Laughing Clowns tonight at the Forum.

Comments (9)

  • me too! Will keep an eye out for you tonight 🙂

  • Mindy says:

    Me three. What is an electric feel anyway? Sounds painful.

  • Helen says:

    Sorry to miss you Outspoken and Mindy. I might not have if I’d known to look out for you. (Well, I know what Outspoken looks like but not Mindy!) Nabakov was going but I didn’t spot him either.

    I DID see many many people from long ago. Lots of the people who used to go to see and/or play support to the Laughing Clowns were there. It was like an old skool reunion.

  • robert says:

    I think these are the lyrics to “it’s a Moray” that I heard played on Radio Marinara (RRR.org.au)

    There’s a thing on the reef, with big shiny white teeth – it’s a Moray
    If he’s big and he’s mean, and he’s slimy and green – it’s a Moray

    Put your hand in the crack and you won’t get it back – It’s a Moray
    When you’re movin’ your hands, best take care where they land – Watch for Morays

    When some teeth catch your eye. and an eel wriggles by – It’s a Moray
    when something, bites your fin, and throws off your trim – It’s a Moray

    Keep your fingers in tight and you won’t have a fright – It’s a Moray
    When you’re moving by feel and then up pops the eel – It’s a Moray

    When an eel bites your thigh, as you’re just swimming by – It’s a Moray
    When you scream, and you beg, but it still bites your leg – It’s a Moray

    Watch you don’t get a shark, When you search, after dark – for amore
    When you’re out of your depth, and you run short of breath – that’s amore air

    When he’s fanning his gills, Better head for the hills – It’s a Moray
    when your light, in the night, gets swallowed out of sight, – It’s a Moray

    When your horse munches straw, And the bales total four – That’s some more hay.
    When you’re down and it’s dark, Over there – that a shark?, No – It’s a Moray

    When you ace your last test, Like you did all the rest – That’s some more “A”s!
    When your boat comes home fine, And you tie up her line – That’s a moor, eh?

    When you’ve had quite enough, Of this daft rhyming stuff, that’s “no more!”, eh?

  • Kath Lockett says:

    I guess now’s not the time to share what songs popped up on my iPod whilst running this morning:
    * I’m a believer – the Monkees
    * Two for the price of one – ABBA
    * Gloria’s eyes – Bruce Springsteen
    * C’est plane por moi – Plastic Bertrand

  • Helen says:

    C’est plane por moi is one of Exploding Boy’s favourites.

  • Kath Lockett says:

    …and it’s FANTASTIC to run like the clappers to

  • Kath Lockett says:

    …and it’s FANTASTIC to run like the clappers to

  • Ozymandias says:

    The pedant in me must point out that it’s actually “Ca plein pour moi” -in case anyone wants to translate it.

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