16 Apr 2009, Comments (5)

This has left me with a bad taste in my mouth

Author: Helen

Across the US, tens..er…of thousands of republican voters have been participating in “Tea Party” protests, because Boston Tea Party and taxes are bad. Just think of your primary school American history and join the dots. (April 15 is the deadline for tax returns in the US.)

Unfortunately, Fox News and the right-wing astroturf organisations which promoted the Tea Parties have decided to try to be all colloquial an’ appeal to the younger generation an’ stuff, so they have referred to themselves as “Teabaggers” and the protests as “Teabagging”.

Much hilarity has ensued.

P.S. Just for comparison, now that you’ve probably seen these entitled babies on the news making fools of themselves, you might be interested in a real (non-astroturf) protest, at real risk to themselves, by genuinely courageous people who deserve our support.

Comments (5)

  • Ann oDyne says:

    as always
    dear BOACIB.
    ( I fear to say more)

  • Hattie says:

    Well, we Americans don’t know how to make tea, as any authentic Anglo-Saxon knows.

  • ligneus says:

    Um, I think it was the Democratic followers in the media who tagged them ‘teabaggers’ as a means of denigrating them. And I don’t see why you sneer at people protesting against the huge debts the Dems and Obama are pushing. Also these are not just Republicans, they make a point of criticising both parties on this count and have eschewed support from prominent Reps who have belatedly tried to jump on the bandwagon.

  • Norm says:

    Where do you get your information? FOX News had no connection with the tea parties…they simply reported them…

    All tea parties were ‘promoted’ by individuals and they simply caught on and blossomed in their own right…

  • ligneus says:


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