9 Apr 2009, Comments (11)

Pratt, you’re a prat.

Author: Helen

Me (Watching football) Oh, he’s a nice looking guy. But unfortunately wearing the North Melbourne jumper. Thugs!*
SO: No, it’s not true any more. They’ve changed!

Ah mmm, no.

And don’t tell me their oh-so-sincere apology had nothing to do with keeping their major sponsor.

Comments (11)

  • Ariel says:

    I know!!! This is very sad news for me, being a) someone long distrustful of football players as (very likely) arrogant chauvinist sleazes b) someone trying to work past this prejudice for the sake of footy mad son and husband c) someone whose son is obsessed with North Melbourne to the extent that he salutes Mazdas on the street because they support the club.

  • kate says:

    I wonder sometimes, what it will take for those blokes who run footy to grasp that a) women are people and deserving of respect, and b) their failure to demonstrate an understanding of a) is the reason many women have no stomach for watching or supporting them.

  • Kath Lockett says:

    Yes, it’s disappointing but aren’t we expecting a little much from blokes that are celebrated for being mere meat heads? Mental pygmies who come from a club that still has Wayne Carey as a mentor? Outrageous oxen who probably get pissed after sniffing the barmaid’s apron because they’re massaged, muscled up, over-trained and cosseted every second of their lives except for those spent in dodgy night clubs staring into a beer glass?

    Perhaps I’m just disappointed that I’m no longer surprised. I’m a Crows Supporter (please, don’t point or mock too loudly) but Bock bashed up his girlfriend during the week and seems to only be apologetic about it when it finally makes the news and the club suspends him indefinitely.

    These neanderthals are valued on the field for their brawn and stupid willingness to put their faces in the way of knees, elbows and mud, so a chook-wearing-a-condom video is probably viewed as high art for blokes I’d previously suspected were intellectually incapable of operating a video camera, let alone uploading it to a website.

    And no, I haven’t seen the video, and nor do I want to. If I wanted to do that, I’d subscribe to the Herald Sun….. And no, I don’t watch the footy. I go for the Crows merely out of a vague sense of loyalty to South Oz and ‘cos my footy mad hubby does. But no, he doesn’t bash, video raw chickens or even watch Sam Newman. Thank god.

  • Ann oDyne says:

    I am not disapointed.

    I gave them no credit for brains class style or intelligence,
    right from the siren.


    seething great heaps of overpaid testosterone
    be expected to be proficient players
    as well as human.

    same goes for military.
    fer chrissakes.

  • jape says:

    The lyrics:


    They’re not pretty, either.

  • Helen says:

    *is speechless*

    What I can’t understand is that some of the people involved have wives and children. So, presumably, you’d expect them to behave like… grownups.
    The vid also featured a section where they took a baby wipe or some such thing out of the chicken carcass and wiped it over someone’s PC keyboard and phone. I wonder how much bad karma they’ve got coming from whoever’s office that was! And while the video was pretty much adolescent, that bit was… I dunno… Toddler level!?

  • Geoff. says:


    And bigotry.


    But that’s okay when it’s you doing it.

    Poor dears, young men are the only people older women hate more than they do young women.

  • Link says:

    Oh come on. ‘Filmmaking’ is just one aspect of the hilarity and good laughs that have become enshrined within modern Australia’s sole cultural institution. Being a footy playing boyo, who makes hysterical films about fucking women, chickens anything up the arse, goes quite naturally with a “willingness put their faces in the way of knees, elbows and mud, “.

    Really these heroes, these modern day Anazc warriors, need to have as much slack cut as possible–and that’s just for starters. Ask any one of their wives or children who completely understand these funny fellows’ vulnerabilities perfectly, where at home they are the very model of walking on eggshell sensitivity.

  • Helen says:

    ZOMG your just jelus lol!

  • Pavlov's Cat says:

    ‘Poor dears, young men are the only people older women hate more than they do young women.’

    What nonsense, Geoff. I love young men.

  • David says:

    This post is the first I’d heard of the incident… (Thank goodness my life is so untouched by the celebrity status of morons)
    What I find most repulsive about these events (which occur on a pretty regular basis) Is the feigned remorse and forced apologies that come out after.
    I’d rather read another Croc story in the NT news than hear more about these guys.

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