2 Apr 2009, Comments (9)

Walkin’ back to Happiness

Author: Helen

The AGE: “The Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, has begun distancing himself from his controversial internet censorship policy in what one internet industry engineer has dubbed “the great walkback of 2009”.


He laid aside his foolish pride, learned the truth from tears everyone he cried.

Of course, it’s another example of where a politician revises a bad decision and someone who wanted that outcome nevertheless mocks him, for doing a backflip, or a backpedal, or in this case a walkback, which is an artefact of an old software language. IT humour, hurghhh hurgh hurghhhh. Hilarious. POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT: UR DOING IT RONG. But I guess he just couldn’t resist coming out with something so side-splitting.

Helen looks very Amy Winehouse in this clip. Mess up that scary, scary beehive and apply the thick upswept kohl eye makeup and you’d have doppelgangers. The resemblance doesn’t end there, either. They’re both London girls from vaguely similar backgrounds and they both started performing very young, but while Amy’s crashing and burning, Helen only looks in danger of perishing from wholesomeness.

Never mind. The Clean Feed is dead: Let’s talk, hep cats! Work that tweed jacket.

Comments (9)

  • Ann oDyne says:

    The pouff-skirted Helen was in that closet Dusty at least came out of.
    The fact that her WBTHWY song was a huge hit, may help you young uns to understand how intensely we embraced The Beatles and The Stones in 1962/3, as in Thank God You’re Here instead.
    Love the Amy comparison though. The Mod Look coexisted with The Ronettes Look for a while.

    re Conroy: I endured SBS Insight on this issue, and could hardly get my brain off Jennie Brockie’s navajo jewellery extravanganza, and the trainwreck of an old Masters Apprentice who brought his little kid in the studio to hear all that porn talk.

  • Meself says:

    Isn’t that Captain Kirk with a few of the crew from the starship Enterprise at their high tech 3 ply consoles in the background?

    The Spike Milligan classic is equally appropriate …

    I’m walking backwards for Christmas,
    It’s the finest thing for me.

    And so I’ve tried walking sideways,
    And walking to the front.
    But people just laughed, and said,
    “It’s a publicity stunt”.

  • zoot says:

    Not so sure about the closet Ann, but I second your comment about the musical wasteland that preceded the Beatles. So I was a bit surprised when I heard the lady herself.
    In 1976, Helen did a two week season at the club where I worked. She brought her own trio, so unfortunately I didn’t get to back her. On the other hand we (the house band) got to hear her every night, and she was awesome. She did her hits (of course) but once they were out of the way it was pretty much black music all the way. The woman has real soul and her band was incredibly funky (and somewhere I have a tape – must dig it out). I’m not sure her fans knew what to make of it, but we loved it. The comparison with Amy Winehouse extends to her musical abilities as well as appearance.
    I tried to watch Conroy on Insight but he was so obviously defending a policy he doesn’t believe in I had to switch it off. It was that or chuck something through the screen.

  • Ann oDyne says:

    oh Zoot – pleased t meet you, we must be the same age?
    and I guess I am blaming her for dating Cliff Richard, or whatever.
    I wish I had heard Shapiro in a small low-ceilinged club, or anyone really.
    Stadiums and Tv are so sterile for genuine singers.

    Re genuine soul behind the public pap – I was surprised to discover that Leo Sayer was a Van Morrison type of performer before Adam Faith plastic-popped him.
    Good music discussion over at Lorraine Crescent blog, but me and LC are on our own in it. come over.
    Hi Helen – as I type watching Rebus, I hope the grogblog is rocking the Royal.

  • Ann oDyne says:

    here’s the link to give Ms Shapiro the credit she deserves.
    I honestly hadn’t given her a thought since 1963.
    Follow the link to be rewarded by a photo of Helen’s hair with Dusty’s. oh and The Beatles are with them.

  • zoot says:

    Thanks for the link Ann, over the past few days I’ve learnt more about HS than I probably ever needed. Did you know that she found Jesus in the late nineties? Wikipedia has the details. Apparently she now spends her time witnessing for Yeshua. It involves music and I presume she’s still a great singer.
    What is it with British women and black music. Dusty Springfield always had a talent (and a passion) for it, Helen Shapiro surprised me with her soulfulness, and at the end of the Scorsese Blues episode about Brit blues they featured Lulu. During the film they’d been returning to Tom Jones, who’s no slouch as a blues belter, in the studio running down some track. Then to close the episode, they bring in Lulu to sing with the band and she wipes the floor with TJ (and anybody else in the programme). It’s well worth a look.
    A Rebus fan as well? We must be the same vintage.

  • Ann oDyne says:

    dear Zoot – Brit ‘Northern Soul’ – Very short distance between Liverpool and the USA so sailors brought black rnb music back. Idolising Beatles/Stones was how a Melbourne teenager discovered black artists Howlin Wolf, Major Lance etc.

    Lulu is a belter, no doubt. The Isley Bros ‘Shout’.

    HS foghorn-ing for Jesus is OK I guess.
    Rebus books mention music more than the TV. Final one especially.

    Helen: sorry your topic is Conroy. Things are worse for him since you posted.

  • Helen says:

    No Annie, this is not a thread derailment, this is a thread improvement. Carry on, it’s fascinating!

  • Helen says:

    I’ve been told by a workmate that I am imagining things re. the lame pun on “walkback”. Having googled “Walkback”, I find that people in the US and elsewhere do use the term. So, my bad. But it doesn’t invalidate the point that mocking people for doing something good is counter productive, especially when they’re doing what you wanted them to do in the first place.

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