12 Mar 2009, Comments (19)

Mr Bucket goes off

Author: Helen

Mr Bucket the microbusiness went orf over the Christmas period and still seems to be chugging along quite happily despite the dreaded GFC.

He sells a lot of t shirts to tourists and asks them to send photos of themselves wearing them in furrin places. My favourite: Transylvania.

Mr Bucket goes to Transylvania

AND! Bucket movie.

This was a real family effort with Mr Bucket’s film student niece behind the camera and Mrs Bucket on drums, soon-to-be-brother in law on guitar and recording console. (Please don’t judge me too harshly for that high hat, it was on a borrowed electronic drum kit, which is a sullen and uncooperative creature).

Melbourne L’Oreal Fashion Week is coming to the Rose Street Market to set up a runway to model the stallholders’ fashions. With real emaciated models and everything. If you think the bucket look is not going to catch on, well, just look at this then! (H/T: Blurb from the Burbs.) That’s happening on March 21 (Saturday).

I was downing a few with a friend in Lane’s Edge cafe in Bourke street, the one which has hosted a few grogblogs, and across the laneway I spotted a trendy young thing wearing a Vote Bucket T shirt.

Surely world domination can’t be far away.

Comments (19)

  • Pavlov's Cat says:

    I like the Alice’s Restaurant moment on the train. ‘And they aaalll moved away from me there on the Group W bench …’

  • Caroline says:

    Mr Bucket’s way cool huh? Great film.

  • LuckyPhil says:

    Great movie, passed (rare) the watch it to the end test!

  • Kath Lockett says:

    LOVE IT! I wonder, would Mr Bucket like to be interviewed for a blog or printed piece?

  • Amanda says:

    Pronounced Bouquet? One to keep in mind when Ruddy Bucks comes — tres cool.

  • Nabakov says:

    Yes I can see what yer trying to do with Mr Bucket as a sweetly nihilistic character that evokes both Ned Kelly and Mr Curly.

    The problem is youse guys are doing it too well. It could be a Tourism Victoria ad. “Melbourne. Use your senses.”
    (And actually why not? Seriously I can set up a meeting here).

    Anyway I look forward to a sequel when Mr Bucket goes out on the town and has to deal with drink straws, cigars and people shouting in his ears. Not to mention getting too close to the stage during a drum solo.

    Speaking of Ned Kelly, I just found out that at the height of his glamourous career, while he was selling some stolen horses to a German settler family, their 12 year old son held the horses as Ned dickered with the parents and then swapped a few lines with the awe-struck kid. The name of the lad? John Monash. Yes, the John Monash.

    Which means you might enjoy this.

    I reckon you’d enjoy a lot of her other work too, the whacky Canadian minx. Wander around the site abit.

  • Nabakov says:

    Like this one for example.
    That’s good as, if not better than Ronald Searle at his best.

  • Helen says:

    Will definitely get the Bucket Man to consider the sequel Nabs! Re. your first sentence, all this was thought up by the Bucket Man himself, I take no credit for it whatsoever.
    I have sworn off the internets today and tomorrow morning because of urgent Stuff that Must be Done, so I won’t even look at that link until tomorrow arvo. (Yeah, yeah, I say that now…)

  • blue milk says:

    Ooh very cool.

  • Fine says:

    Very cool film. You could flog the concept to Melbourne Tourism. It’s way better than their giant. Lucky Connex security didn’t catch you on the trains. Mr Bucket could have lost his head. Those guys are so paranoid.

  • That was clever and very funny. And you can still do a high hat; I’d have to take myself for several hours of praccy first.

  • Helen says:

    Thanks all for your kind comments. But SL, that hi hat is like a labrador rolling in a play pool filed with jelly. Anyhoo, duzzentmatta. (I’ll redact the name of the drum kit maker as it’s the only electronic drum kit I’ve had anything to do with and it doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality of their output, so it was a bit unfair to cite the brand.)

  • Ann oDyne says:

    Congratulations Mr Bucket Inc.
    I usually try to ignore Nabs but the Searle word made me click the link to discover that he has enjoyed somebody confusing Dustin Hoffman with Queen Victoria. they are similar in appearance, it’s true.

  • Does bucket man stand on his head when he pukes?

  • Loved it. When is Mr Bucket coming to South Australia?

  • Helen says:

    He’d love to come to SA, but has no immediate plans.

  • Miss Lulu, Queen of Everything says:

    Sunday here in San Diego and I’ve just watched all the Mr. Bucket films. I need more, I’m addicted. Incredibly creative. Thanks for taking me to the Rose Street Market. I am so homesick for Melbourne! Love the drummer, love the bucket. Taking requests? Could Mr. Bucket please take a walk up Fitzroy Street??

  • Helen says:

    Well hell-ooo!
    Do you mean Fitzroy street or Brunswick street? We can do both if you like! Mr Bucket and his friend Mr Jones have gone video crazy.
    You can say “I knew Mr Bucket when…”
    You’re the reason I blog, you know M. do you have one I can link to?

  • Miss Lulu Queen of Everything says:

    Gads, where has the time gone! I meant Brunswick Street. Me the reason for anyone do something other causing mayhem? Well, I am flattered! Love you.

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