1 Feb 2009, Comments (6)

What I did in the Holidays

Author: Helen

…Not much.

As some of you already know, I get to take some serious time off in the school holidays because I’m only paid for 48 weeks of the year. This year SO went away twice – low key swimming-canoeing-fishing trips, both times – but I was lazy, holiday houses were full and I elected to stay at home and just do the SAHM thing for a month.

I did go frockblogging in Bendigo, which was divine, darlings! and some touristy things around town, which I mean to write about soon.

Exciting developments: Online Opinion published the “Home ATM” post, and the Larvyprodders invited me to write for them. With all this time at home and additional inspiration, did I complete all the draft posts I have sitting around and the ones which have been stewing in my head? No, I did not. I spent much of the time gardening, reading and doing buggerawl.

Mr Bucket really went off over the Christmas shopping period with the result that we are now boat owners! Look at Exploding boy expertly navigate our sophisticated craft. $400 on eBay. Capitalism rools!

Exploding boy in a canoe at Phillip Island

Meanwhile, back home, not much vegetable action going on. I have a patch just out of camera range with MOAR tomatoes and a pumpkin vine which hasn’t really taken off yet. This is pre-weeding of course. Behind the self-seeded pittosporum, which I haven’t got around to dealing with yet, you can just make out the horror that ensues when Bok Choy goes to seed.

plants in pots on a brick paved area

Instead of buying one punnet of regular tomatoes and one of cherry, I bought two lots of cherry tomatoes by mistake. It’s not too tragic.

a white bowl full of cherry tomatoes

Here’s the backyard looking a bit lusher than it does now. The reason for the gate is that we have a fenced-off area in a futile attempt to exclude dogs from that part of the garden. It’s an old screen door the neighbours across the road threw out. I like to call it the Peacock Gate as it sounds so Ming Dynasty. Jane Austen fans plz note – the apricot tree is a Moorpark and yes, you should get one because they are delicious.


In the front garden, too much mulch is never enough. It could still do with another trailerload. I’m going to replace the saltbush on the left in the winter, because it’s so drought tolerant it threatens to take over the entire garden. Sorry about the orange rubbish bag, Edna. The path is our former chimney (1950s house design, obvs) which collapsed when we re-stumped.

Front garden

Now that the heatwave’s upon us and I’ve gone back to work, we are dedicating the weekend to Doing Buggerawl.

Maggie is the current champion.

Maggie on the floor

Comments (6)

  • Ann oDyne says:

    oh the sweet turtle dove on your Peacock Dynasty Canine Excluder!

    and a kayak!
    I recently house-sat on small acres where an old fibreglass kayak full of water made a wonderful pool for their black labrador.
    I wouldn’t ind one myself just this second (a kayak pool, I mean)

    Tending plants is an A-grade activity, in any form.
    peace and love. and the Girl’s Name Of The Week is: Shinique

  • Kath Lockett says:

    Love your garden and lovely Maggie (being wise and restful). We too have a kayak, but having moved from a massive(ish) house in Adelaide to a tiny(ish) house in Flemington means that our Kayak will be stored along the side of our weatherboard on hooks rather than in our double garage.

    …I’ve since learned that driveway owners here are mill-yun-aires.

    Our garden is now half-dead, despite being bucketed with three lots of shower water every day. We have just one tiny patch of lawn left vaguely green for the rabbit’s playpen and that’s about it.

  • Mark says:

    Duh. I broke the link. Sorry.

    The link for Gate of Happy Sparrows, another novel in the series by Daniele Vare, was to library thing, which was the only informative one I could find via Google, which was strange in itself: http://www.librarything.com/author/varedaniele

  • Jovial Monk says:

    Pulling up my tomatoes–mites got to them ans so little foliage left the ‘maters get sunburned. No tomato growing by me for a couple years 🙁

    Couple other things slowly dying, but most OK: when I read we had a heatwave coming on I gave the whole garden a lovely foliar feed of Charlie Carp, Seaweed extract, Trace Elements and Plantfood (nitrogen & phosporus)

  • Helen says:

    Jovial, some of our tomatoes went brown on one side and the discoloured bit went mushy. Was that sunburn?
    Mark thanks – is that a favourite author? I haven’t heard of her. Must investigate. The sparrows are happy too, but the mynahs, pigeons and wattle birds and blackbirds predominate so far.
    Welcome to Melbourne Kath – we should have a paddle on the Maribyrnong soon. You can paddle up from the Essendon rowing club to a creek which is very Heart of Darkness despite McMansions being all around, although out of sight.
    Actually I realised Maggie is losing points because she is quite a nice soft footrest. Well, it’s doing something.
    Good idea AnneO – Maggie has the same habit, she likes to wallow in any body of water going, no matter how disgusting. It’ s regular mud baths in the creek that keep that deceptively shiny coat in condition. Ollie won’t have a bar of water at all.

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