23 Jan 2009, Comments (6)

Blog for Choice Day

Author: Helen

I almost missed Blog for Choice day– I haven’t been checking the internets dutifully enough, and we’ve been out all day – by “we” I mean the two kids and me – pretending to be tourists in our own town.

So there’s only time for a smash-and-grab effort, but here’s some thoughts:

I should pause to thank all the Victorian MPs with the courage and intestinal fortitude to pass the abortion decriminalisation bill. Let’s have a rousing ovation for Colleen Hartland and others.

Now that we’ve seen the inaugration ceremony in the US, my thoughts turn to the Global Gag Rule and the associated restrictions on sexual health providers which are causing so much suffering around the world. Here’s to the Obama administration giving the GGR and the whole failed “abstinence education” culture the boot, both overseas and at home.

Finally, for laughs, here’s proof that wingnuts can hold two mutually exclusive concepts as gospel truth simultaneously; which, as someone once said, can lead to some very serious pain in the membrane. Here the two mutually exclusive concepts are (1) Children of female-headed single parent families (a.k.a. “broken homes”), especially if they aren’t white, are all doomed to end up as crackheads dependent on the state! and (2) Every sperm is sacred, because you never know which child of a female-headed single parent family might end up as POTUS! Choose one of them, guys, just one of them, you can’t have both.

-Bonus opposing concepts: Wingnuts think Obama is the spawn of Satan, but they’ll use him as an example of why every sperm is sacred! …eh?

Comments (6)

  • Ann oDyne says:

    oh it’s a Utube. I cannot play one.
    am I right in guessing this is about the CatholicVote.org eejits and their stupefying advert about the new Prez being from a broken home?
    The Washington Post column ‘On Faith – what we do in the name of religion’ brought it to my attention’ and they pointed out that BHO had married parents and termination was never considered ever.
    Hey Right Wing World! I will say zis only once:
    His mother’s people were rich, his father a University Graduate, he is a law graduate and was a SENATOR … anyone would think he wandered barefoot out of the cottonfields.

  • Helen says:

    You are correct on all counts Bwca!

  • Ann oDyne says:

    Dear BOTCIB: warn your readers to avoid the comments at that Utube link. Anti-choice screamers are frighteningly inarticulate.

  • matilda says:

    “His mother’s people were rich”, are ya sure bout that? Not from what i’ve read. His grandma was obviously a rock, but I got the impression his grandfather was a bit of a deadbeat (from a GW article).

    Hope you don’t mind if I digress, helen. Just found your post on LP re RN. So glad you made the effort. Apologies for the all acronyms, but I’m working up to something here. What’s happening at Radio National obviously galvanised a lot of LP lurkers. Consumers of mainstream media don’t really have much of a voice. Someday i’ll get my own blog but what about a new blog from someone like yourself, to focus exclusively, say on radio, or including other mainstream media. Perhaps a group blog. I, for one, would offer stories, for sure.

    I realise that hosting a blog is a massively time-gobbling exercise but it could end up being quite influential. Seriously. ABC radio can afford to ignore its critics because they’re extremely diffuse – there’s no solidarity, no collective voice that is being expressed publicly. 60 words in the Green Guide – give me a break!

    774 has gone to the dogs. It’s become a retirement home for every B grade celebrity who’s miraculously free of booze and pills hang-ups, but not of half-baked, egotistical meanderings.

    RN takes away the Media Report and leaves us with Rupert Murdoch’s megalomaniacal, neo-liberal lectures – hasn’t he got enough of his own mouthpieces?

    Then there’s old fogey, whitebread, radio3AW. Now that they’ve crucified Christine Nixon, with the help of the Hun, they’ve found a new power-feminist scapegoat, the GG, Quentin Bryce. I’m serious, she’s got Mitchell frothing at the mouth already.

    It’s sounding very Melbourne-centric, i guess. And you probably didn’t expect anything like this. I just think it’s time for people with half a brain to fight back -they’re our airwaves too! Generally, what irks me about the blogosphere is its seeming lack of impact on the ‘real world’. But I’ve got a hunch that critiqueing the media could prove irresistible – if for no other reason than media junkies can’t resist reading what others are saying about their product.

    I know you’ve got your blog and it’s your baby – but what about growing the family?

  • Ann oDyne says:

    dear Matilda above –
    at the time Barack went to live with his Hawaii grandparents,
    his grandmother had been Vice-President of a bank for a year,
    and continued for the next 15 years – her husband was fully employed, their daughter whose degree was in anthropology was in Indonesia working to help women start businesses. No shortage of money.

    thank you for describing the moronic 774 for me.
    I knew there was a reason why I have never turned it on.

    as for the blogosphere having no impact on the ‘real world’ – is that the world you non-bloggers are in?

    There are other reasons to blog

  • matilda says:

    Thanks Ann, for the info on Barak’s family. I’ve kept the Good Weekend article so when i’ve got time i’ll go back and see why i’d gleaned that impression of his grandfather. But i was aware of his mother’s drive and intellectual curiosity.

    As for the impact of the blogosphere on other realities, i guess that’s a debate for another time. But of course you’re right, that’s not the main reason that most people blog.

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