20 Jan 2009, Comments (6)

It’s all excitement around here

Author: Helen

The other day, I was pegging out some washing and saw Ollie scratching himself on a piece of trellis which is holding up a jasmine vine. I didn’t take much notice, and then someone said, “oooh, look at Ollie. I think he’s been stung by a bee.”

He had turned into a Shar-Pei.

Fig. 1: Ollie’s normal face (if that’s the right description)


Fig. 2: Ollie stung by a bee

Ollie with bee sting

A Shar-Pei.

A Shar-Pei

Unfortunately I rushed him to the Vet, thinking he was going to go into anaphylaxis or something (he had lumps all over his head, as well as the wrinkles and the swelling to twice the normal face size.) It was only once he’d had the needle I realised that if I’d got him onto Ebay quickly enough, I could have sold him off as a valuable pedigreed animal.

Comments (6)

  • Amanda says:


  • Ann oDyne says:

    oh poor baby.
    dogs get spider bites too.
    Bliss Hill.blogspot keeps liquid vitamin C in her Gippsland frig to inject her poodles when they get bites from snakes and bad stuff (just sayin)

    re Shar Pei features: Mick Jagger anyone ?

  • Fine says:

    Poor Ollie. I hope he’s being spoiled and has recovered fully. No more Shar Pei imitation for that litle guy.

  • Zoe says:

    sheesh, what did it do to his eyes?

  • Helen says:

    Something you need to know about Ollie: Unless he’s actually at death’s door (and I won’t even be sure of that unless I see him at death’s door) he does Not Care about being sick. When he had kennel cough he bounced around happy and smiling and coughing (while Maggie actually looked as though she was at death’s door). When he got his whatever-bite he bounced around happy and smiling and cadging liver treats off the vet, although I distrusted his ability to even swallow them.

    He is a happy boy.

    The beautiful blue eyes are courtesy of our rather cheap camera – works wonders doesn’t it!

  • Kath Lockett says:

    Oh dear, I do feel sorry for him – honestly – but its. so. hard. not. to. laugh. at. that. face…… in either photo! He’s a fuzzy stud muffin, isn’t he?

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