13 Dec 2008, Comments (12)

So many different things to mourn

Author: Helen

So a fifteen year old boy has been killed, and we find he’s been hanging out with a violent neo-nazi group and making Bundy-and-coke his totem. See also.

Besides the fact that someone’s child is dead, there is so much to mourn in this story.

That an organisation like Southern Cross Soldiers can exist in my city.

That this happened in a suburb I love, where my daughter spent her toddlerhood. And no doubt in my suburb too, I just don’t know who.

That the kid’s friends and associates spew hatred and intolerance (H/T FDB), on his MySpace page, seemingly in inverse relation to their command of the english language, while one of the more literate ones complains about “hearing more foreign languages than we do english“. As the kids’d say, ironic much?)

That this is where the kids who aren’t doing so well with the reading and thinking go to get their ideas.

That drinking Bundy and Coke is celebrated on their MySpace sites like it’s their only identity and their only recreation, besides moaning about ethnicity.

That organisations like Southern Cross Soldiers feed on these poor kids.

That if you think this kind of hatred is confined to the underclass, yer dreamin’.

That Tyler’s parents don’t seem to be at all concerned about the violent neo-nazi milieu their son got into, and his habitual drinking at 15, instead focusing on making him an anti-police Cause Celebre. (There may be circumstances I’m not aware of, but they come across as enablers in the news reports.)

That he was once their baby, a bundle of potential.

Just the waste of it all.

Here’s a comment from his MySpace page: a lonely kid, who doesn’t fit the Bundy-and-Coke party-hearty image of the other avatar pics. She sits with her arms around her knees. Her pretty bespectacled eyes look up into the camera. She projects the sweetness of a kid anxious to fit in. Evidently she’s a bit on the outer but she sees Tyler as someone to look up to. FSM help us.

Special K. ♫
12 Dec 2008 01:22 AM
this is the dew saying her goodbyes.
wow, i’ve just figured out know that it was you.
im sorry mate, i just don’t know what to say.
would have been nice to get to know you more.
rest in peace lil buddy.
stupid lil island.

Give her ten years and she won’t be sweet any more.

Comments (12)

  • Caroline says:

    One of the results of imposing a flag waving mentality on yoof.

  • Meself says:

    This is as disturbing as the event itself.

    “Rita Dobrotka – a secondary school teacher – described the incident as “sickening”.

    “This is an assassination, it’s that simple,” Ms Dobrotka said.

    ”If this kid was a threat with a knife, then the police have to get their act together and introduce better training,” she said.

    ”They shot to kill. I’m a teacher, I know how kids can be and I understand they can be aggressive and out of control, but this doesn’t solve anything.”

    (a) Fear for Ms Dobrotka’s classes if this is her understanding of “assassination”. Maybe she should take at the peek at a dictionary for a definiation of “assassination’. While she’s there, she might take a further peek at the word “hyperbole.”

    (b) Given the lad was expelled from school for throwing a chair at a teacher, perhaps staff at Ms Dobrotka’s school might have a few doubts about her support in a such a crisis situation.

    (c) Doesn’t Ms Dobrotka know that talking to the press in this situation and identifying herself as a teacher she’s on a kicking to nothing?

    She might have an interesting day at work on Monday.

  • phil@vvb says:

    agreed to all

    what’s driving the apparent upsurge in ultra nationalism in young people?

    can’t pin it all on Howard, surely?

  • John says:

    I’d just like to point out how hypocritical.

    “can exist in my city.”

    Labelling us incorrectly as “violent neo-nazi’s”

    How is that any different to what you believe to be our “ideals”?

  • Pavlov's Cat says:

    ‘can’t pin it all on Howard, surely?’

    Don’t see why not.

  • Bernice says:

    Well I agree with Rita Dobrotka. We argue the toss on the semantics of “assassination” but there has to a full inquiry to which I would like to see the following questions asked:

    1. Three uniformed officers facing down an armed 15 yo – what negotiating skills were involved, if any? & if not, why not?
    2. What time span did this incident occur over? five minutes, 30 minutes, an hour?
    3. re his expulsion from school – what referrals to support services were made? Were they followed through? What engagement did his parents have this situation?
    4. Who sells alcohol to 15 yo children? It is illegal. It attracts a $2200 fine for any individual providing the alcohol, and a $5000 for a retailer selling the alcohol.

    Appropo of “Its takes a village to raise a child” – we live in “villages” saturated with alcohol, glorifying of violence, and intolerant of difference. Yes this kid was once a “bundle of potential”, potential we all seem to have failed to engage with.

  • Ariel says:

    “That Tyler’s parents don’t seem to be at all concerned about the violent neo-nazi milieu their son got into, and his habitual drinking at 15, instead focusing on making him an anti-police Cause Celebre.”

    Agreed. It’s hard for society to do right by a kid if his parents are enabling him. But then again, I don’t know what their situation is, really. I guess they may well have deplored the crowd he was hanging out with and grounded him for drinking. Maybe (though more than likely not) he was out drinking while they thought he was at the movies. And I guess if your child dies you will emphasise your anger at police (especially if you called those police – imagine the guilt they must be feeling) rather than your disappointment with your dead son.

    I agree with Bernice over point 1. It is shocking that the police response to an out-of-control 15 year old was to kill him. But I do admit finding the (seeming) lack of parental concern about the crowd he was mixing with to be disturbing, too.

  • Helen says:

    Actually, his Dad died two years ago apparently, so it’s “parent” not “parents”, my mistake. And now I’ve read of her actions prior to the incident, I thought she did pretty well. It’s her statements afterward which I object to, but who’s to say I would be very lucid if my son had just died.

    Bernice, apparently he’d started hospitality studies at TAFE recently and was doing OK there. As for your last sentence, that is it exactly.

  • weez says:

    Helen, sad to say it, but the combination of absent/dysfunctional father and boys age 14-16 is par for the course with the youngsters who get caught up in gangs, in particular xenophobic/neo-nazi type outfits which we deal with at FDB. These kids need the ‘tough’ image due to deep insecurity. Add that to some drugs like methamphetamine and a liberal dousing of Bundy and you have a recipe for disaster.

  • umm for 1..you state did his parents…if you had accualy paid attention you would now if father passed away a few years ago. the poor boy never fully got over it..losing a parent so young.

    2. the SCS are not racist..nor neo nazis…i AM a Southern Cross Soldier..i love australia..just like you..my partnern and i are planning on having a baby..and i want them to grow up in a free beautiful country.

    please dont always beilive wat you read.

  • Helen says:

    Tiffany, please read before you comment. My last comment but one shows I was aware of the loss of his father. But many kids, including me, have lost parents so it’s not a sufficient explanation.

    SCS are clearly racist. You may be using some way of defining that away but for the rest of us, it’s pretty clear.

    *checks MySpace page submitted with comment*
    *Rolls eyes*

  • weez says:

    Helen, aren’t you asking a bit much from young Tiffany?

    If she doesn’t think the SCS are/were (their MySpaz page went *poof*) racist, Tiffie is either a very bad liar or wouldn’t know racism if it jumped up and bit her on the left butt cheek.

    Tiff sez: “please dont always beilive wat you read. ”

    Well, what’s the point of words on a webpage if one should take them to mean anything other than what they say? 🙄

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