5 Dec 2008, Comments (22)

Friday Chocolate drops

Author: Helen

This was the most terrible, horrible, really bad day. (Warning: Swear alert.)

I jumped off the train in the city and rode up the escalator… with… my shoulders strangely light. Uh oh. My backpack with my wallet in it, with my car keys in it, my cheque book in it, my life in it.

That morning I get a call at work from girlchild who’s been rung by someone called Emily with a mobile number. Apparently she has my backpack. But I call and call all day and every time it goes to voice mail. Why? Why would she do that? Anyway, my workmates gave me lunch and hugs and a travelcard. I love them.

And as usual, Connex excelled themselves in not giving a fuck. Note to the Attorney-General if you’re reading this, as I know you do of a Friday evening: If any disaffected youngsters are thinking of going the abandoned backpack-bomb route, I can tell you Connex don’t give a royal shit about ownerless backpacks reaching Flinders street. Just saying.

I still don’t know what’s going to happen. All I want is to crawl under the doona and cry, but girlchild’s friends are all coming to have a birthday sleepover and I have to make with the fucking Mrs-coping-Mum.

I definitely am going to need some chocolate tonight (and girlchild has a Brunetti’s cheesecake.)

Comments (22)

  • Fine says:

    Helen, that’s a really, bad, horrible day. don’t bother playing I can cope with everything Mum. If they’re teenagers they’re old enough too work out that everyone’s human. I think you need some really good alcohol. And I hope your backpack returns safely. And Connex just sux.

  • Helen says:

    It’s back!
    Took a taxi to Richmond to get it.
    Car keys in bag, so got the car back from the station car park too.
    Life is looking up!
    Forgot to buy chocolate, but there’s some nice beer.

    What do you think of the Chocolate drops?

  • Fine says:

    Yay, it’s back. Life gets better. Chocolate drops are pretty damn good. Relax and have a beer.

  • shula says:

    did it still have your wallet?

    someone stole my visa card a few days ago. Someone I KNOW.

    the card I was using to move house with.

    Amazingly, it was replaced in only 3 days.

  • Oz Ozzie says:

    Glad you got your life back.

  • Helen says:

    Shula, I’ve had that happen with people I know and it’s more wretched than if some stranger steals something.
    Ozzie:LOL! I’m like a tortoise.

  • If anything could redeem a day like this it would be a Brunetti’s something or other. They really do a fine figure of a gateau.

    Meanwhile, Dog Bless the good people who eventually restored your bag to you – though, really, yes, it should all have happened hours earlier.

  • kate says:

    Yay for good people picking up stray bags & returning them!

    My wallet fell out of my bag one night outside my house when I was getting out of the car. It was found the next day by a man who rang around trying to get in touch with me, except I was couch surfing at the time, and the cards still had my old address & phone. So my old housemate ignored the calls. The good Samaritan handed my wallet to the police, who got my mobile number from the library, and I got it back. I did have to drive to Keilor in peak hour traffic to get it back though.

    Shula – are yogis allowed to punch people?

  • TimT says:

    Huzzar! Glad things all turned out well. Enjoy your weekend!

    I lost a bag on the train once, with thankfully very little in it. Connex superintend a weird, dingy little lost-and-found office at Fllnders Street station, towards the Elizabeth Street end, and it was from there that I was able to retrieve it. The office is usually unmanned but there’s often a guard pootling around the ticket gates with keys.

  • I’m so happy this story has a happy ending. Nothing like restoring our faith in humanity (of course, Connex is exempt from that category – there is nothing remotely human about that whore of capitalism),

    Thus far have had dropped my wallet once – in a Victorian country town. 100km later when I realised this, went to the local police station, 1 call later we were met half way between the two towns by the cop from lostwalletville on the highway and it was handed over. I lost my camera beside Loch Lomond. Some lovely people handed it in in Glasgow (a wee way away) and when I collected it from the cops (once more) the sweet Scottish Bobby was so concerned that I had hitched there I was given the train fare back to where I had come from. Oh and in the middle of nowhere in the South Island of NZ some scum broke into the car and took my backpack with everything in it. A week later pack and contents were found down a lonely hillside by a schoolboy. Everything returned bar passport, other valuables and my underwear! But I could never, ever could use my diaphragm again after that!

  • Pavlov's Cat says:

    AOF, that punch line made me LOL. Oh, the tales I too could tell.

    Helen, that’s fantastic news — I was going to comment last night when this first went up to say Don’t worry it will all be all right, but I decided that was a bit too Pollyanna, besides not being necessarily true.

    The Chocolate Drops are fabulous, except that I got distracted by memories of the Marcia Hines vs Chanel Cole stoush in Season 2 (?) of Idol, which came to a head when Chanel sang this song and Marcia ripped her to shreds for being too girlie wit’ it, and it became clear in the ensuing exchange that these two were already at daggers drawn. But I will try to ignore all that and watch it again just for the pleasure.

  • blue milk says:

    Oh doesn’t it feel good to get it all back?

  • Helen says:

    Oh thank you for your kind comments everyone.
    Dr Cat, I was racking my (obvs very fried) brains for who had done that song on Idol! Chanel Cole, of course. I love the way the woman in the Chocolate drops’ singing style couldn’t be more different.

  • cristy says:

    oh Helen how unpleasant. I hope that your bag shows up.

  • cristy says:

    mmm should always read through comments first. Yay! Glad that you got it back. Now I want chocolate.

  • Bernice says:

    Having had bags stolen twice from cars (yes yes very Oscar Wilde), heart stopped, then mercifully restarted in the comments field. Large amounts of alcohol still very very reasonable. And chocolate.

  • Ariel says:

    That’s brilliant that you got it back. I HATE it when those things happen (as they inevitably do to me, too). It’s funny how the odds do tend to fall in favour of things being okay in these situations – though not always, and you can never be sure til you get it all back. I found someone’s mobile on the Yarraville station train tracks about a week ago, and the guy was so happy to get it back (was so easy – I just called the number in the address book labelled ‘home’) that he gave me a box of chocolates. That made me very happy, too.

    I hope you had copious amounts of chocolate and alcohol to wind down from that.

  • Just very glad you got it back … I managed to drop my wallet in Radcliffe Square last month and some very kind soul not only handed it back in but handed it in at the right college, with everything (including £50) intact. Alas they left no contact details so I couldn’t even buy them a beer.

    It is, quite possibly, the most relieved one can ever feel.

  • Helen says:

    I meant to comment on this last week, and then when I came back all the drama was over, and it seemed redundant. But just rereading all those comments (and the last few) made me remember how delighted I was when I read the update that you’d got everything back, and so I’m commenting belatedly now. Hope you’ve still got some chocolate and booze for an ordinary weekend!

  • Helen says:

    Thank you so much everyone, I feel a bit silly having spewed my upset all over my blog. Now I’m newly traumatised, having witnessed a… BRATZ Advent calendar.. in the Target checkout line. (not called an Advent calendar though, it’s a Countdown Calendar, bitchez.) Back to the fainting couch with the gin and Christmas shopping only half done.

  • Deborah says:

    BRATZ Advent calendar..


  • Deborah says:

    Oh, and very glad your bag got back to you. I would hate to lose mine. I would boast about never having done it yet, but either that’s an indicator of my obsessiveness, or it would tempt the Flying Spaghetti Monster too much.

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