2 Dec 2008, Comments (4)

The warm fuzzy glow of social service is dimmed somewhat

Author: Helen

Every year, the Friends of Scarysuburb High have a mega book sale. We bribe kids and parents to hand textbooks over after the exams, with promises of cash. We stick identifying labels on them and put the details in a database. On the day, we hold sausage sizzles and sell coffee while parents line up at trestle tables to buy books second hand, books which are quite gobsmackingly expensive at Academic and General. Prohibitively expensive, to many local people. It’s quite a useful service, and the school gets a cut.

It’s a long day. After the sale is over we sit and enter the details into the database, and then write a billion cheques together. Daughter helps out. I get a lot of pleasure from events like these; we work together, have a good time, and get to know the teachers and other students better than we would otherwise. And I’ve been committed to it all year. But!

Why, why, why, why, why in the name of all that’s inconvenient did they have to schedule it for the day of the Melbourne blog meet? Why must they torture me so? After I went to all that trouble to pick the venue from Ralph’s list of top 10 Melbourne pubs. (That must be true, I read it at FX’s place.)

Have a drink for me, all of you. I might be able to sneak in later to see if any diehard drinkers are still there. Have a wonderful time!

Comments (4)

  • TimT says:

    BOOK SALE! I love those things. As it turns out I’m already scheduled in to two events that day, the blog meet and a music for charity in the evening at which a neighbour is playing, but if I could, I’d work that in as well.

    LP has a blog-drink meet up the week after that! So not all is lost!

  • shula says:

    Life is cruel…

  • Helen says:

    Tim, I don’t think you’re missing anything – it’s dead useful for the kids and parents but I don’t really think a copy of “MATHS QUEST 10” or LET’s GO SPANISH! Year 9 is quite the sort of thing you’d be looking for.

    You going, Shula?

  • shula says:

    Not me.

    I’m unavailable for anything at all till New Year, due to the world’s most elaborate house move.

    Which is kind of groovy, in an anti-social kind of way.

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