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Atlas Sulked

Author: Helen

I blame Belle.

Belle of John and Belle have a Blog trawls the streets of Wingnuttia bringing back choice bits of weirdness, like those eighteenth-century scientists who sailed to foreign parts and brought back strange things in formaldehyde, for our amazement. After snerking at Belle’s offerings I couldn’t resist the urge to don my protective gear and go dumpster diving in Wingnuttia for myself. Last week it was the Randroids: people who follow the “philosophy” of the rightwing novelist Ayn Rand, especially Atlas Shrugged, her hymn to the ubermensch.

Do you know what the Randroids plan to do now that Obama has been elected? They’re going to chuck the biggest hissy fit of all time, spit the dummy and throw all their toys out of the cot.

It’s called Going John Galt. And while, of course, Wingnuttia has plenty of scary people who are talking about assault weapons, most of these rebellious John Galts are going to fight back with…Vegetable gardening! ….Downshifting! …Canning! … Keeping goats! Oooh!

It’s almost as if they were going to turn into dirty hippies like us lefties in the 1970s, only a perverted and twisted version. Downsizing, treechanging, getting off the fossil fuel grid, but with intent to sabotage rather than make the world a better place. Taking wealth out of the system, sacking all your employees, deliberately becoming an underachiever because, of course, the Democrats plan to steal it all your money from you. Hiding your wealth offshore, finding every tax evasion scheme they can. (Yes, they plan to carry out fraud on a large scale.)

I sold my business.
I sold several properties, two of them to my children at a significant “loss.” (Ka-Ching!)

(How does this make sense? He’s allowing his children to continue feeding the Beast!)

I’m raising a great deal of my own food and have taken to raising sheep and poultry. All for personal consumption, not sale.
I live in a rural area, so while Andy and Bob and Charlie might buy some sheep to be raised by me, Andy is buying swine, Bob is buying beef, etc.
Canning. Freezing.
Buying bulk.


Definitely withdraw all talents from society. Doing this will increase the tax burden on the blind supporters of the exploitative government until they will be unable to bear the burden and the government will collapse under it’s own inefficiency.
When that happens, don’t be living anywhere close to a big city. My husband and I left LA three years ago, live in the country (near a small town) and try to be as self-sufficient as possible (live within our means). I know when the s#%^ goes down, nobody up here will starve.

“Militant Infidel”:

I will soon be leaving a full time job (~60 hours per week) for a part-time job (~30 hours per week). My Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) will likely fall about 25% (yes, it pays significantly better). Surprisingly though, my after tax income will only fall about 10%. How could this be? It is simple, really. My biggest expense after income taxes is my mortgage (with deductable interest) and property taxes (income tax deductable). With the deductions and 25% reduction in AGI, my income tax bill will fall by 40%!!! Not a bad start at “starving the beast”.
This does not include the opportunity that the extra hours at home would provide in regard to untaxed wealth in improving productivity of our goat herd, poultry flock and vegetable garden. The grocery savings alone would make up a significant percentage of the AGI reduction.

On a brighter note, one commenter points out that the Randroids and the MRAs, as you’d expect, overlap – and some MRA Randroids are expressing their protest by refusing to make themselves available for marriage. Where can we send donations to support this excellent protest?

Funny, isn’t it, that so many of these things are quite dear to the hearts of us Dirty Fucking Hippies lefty Greenies? Solar electricity, growing one’s own food, not working excessive hours. Working to live, not living to work, all that. And they come to that excellent conclusion for such a perverse reason.

Comments (25)

  • Shaun says:

    So, if a Randroid “goes John Galt” would anyone actually notice?

  • lauredhel says:

    This is hilarious.

  • Bene says:

    HAAAA. Okay, if they ‘withdraw their talents,’ does that leave more work for the rest of us?

  • Helen says:

    Bene, I think some of the commenters are going to use it as a cover for their already less than stellar performance, but that’s just my guess.

    if a Randroid “goes John Galt” would anyone actually notice?

    I wonder what would happen if one fell in a forest?

  • Oz Ozzie says:

    Well, you have to understand: americans are bred for stupidity, so this is all natural.

  • DysthymiAnn says:

    don’t kow whether to laugh or cry.
    but this does prove the MBA’s theory of Branding Is Everything.

    If only we had thought of calling it Randroiodism back in 1969, we old hippies may not have been spat-on in the streets for our desire to drop-out of a society we did not like.

  • Shaun says:

    I wonder what would happen if one fell in a forest?

    Probably claim it was the result of guvmint intervention and such falling would not happen in a pure free market forest.

  • Bene says:

    Ozzie, this American is not amused.

  • Amanda says:

    Stupid thing to say Oz.

  • Helen says:

    Lauredhel, loved the comment at your place by Lignamorren:

    “They’ve got us right where we want them.”

  • Helen says:

    Also, we are mocking wingnuts here. Wingnuts / Americans = not the same thing. Please note that our attention has been called to these especially ripe ones by intelligent Americans.

  • Helen says:

    Be Very Afraid

    316. John Donohue:

    I wonder…

    Would there be traction for an actual, overt, out-in-the-open, legal but confrontive “We Are Shrugging” movement?

    I just now registered the domains below and will put up a splash home page at the first one as soon as all progogation takes place.


    John Donohue
    Pasadena, CA
    Oct 18, 2008 – 1:31 pm 317. John Donohue:

    … that’s propogation of course!

    P.S. Yes, there will be T-Shirts


    Bwican, you have got to be my only regular commenter who mungs her ID so much she has to be fished out of the spam bucket every single time…! You must be on first name terms with Mr qwsfxeup and Mr Zeuieqhf by now.

  • Bernice says:

    “Randroids: people who follow the “philosophy” of the rightwing novelist Ayn Rand, especially Atlas Shrugged, her hymn to the ubermensch.”

    So was Greenspan as America’s self-confessed uber-Randroid, attempting by dint of his fiscal governance to bring about the Randian revolution? So that explains CDOs then…

  • shula says:

    oy, Helen,

    your combox is as interesting as ever.

  • DysthymiAnn says:

    No Schizos On This Balcony!

    (spambox where I belong anyhow)

    I do wish Ozzie had not been so skewed above – we’ve all seen the dunces on Leno’s StreetTalk, but we have also read the powerfully clever Americans. sheesh.

  • tigtog says:

    Oh no, Randroids, please please please don’t throw me into the briar patch!

  • Oz Ozzie says:

    I said

    > Well, you have to understand: americans are bred for stupidity, so this is all natural.

    Sheesh, I got slammed for that.

    But I stick to my guns. There’s exceptions – you know, throwbacks – who I admire greatly. In fact, I’m in USA right now, surrounded by such people. Not only very nice, but also very smart. But when you consider education and mass media here, along with military recruitment, healthcare policies and the general way politics works, I don’t see how any other conclusion can be drawn than that “americans are bred for stupidity”. I suppose I could qualify by saying “poor americans”.

  • Helen says:

    Isn’t it the rich Americans who have imposed the elements in the system like healthcare, incessant warfare? Your PNACs, your AEIs? I don’t buy that at all, Oz. Do you read American blogs like Making Light, Shakesville, Majikthise, Michael Berube, Orcinus, Unfogged to name just a few?
    It’s interesting that under the Howard government it was popular to accuse lefties like me of being anti-US, whereas in fact, our criticisms of the US actions and policies were based on what we read from intelligent US writers like these.

  • blue milk says:

    Hahaha too funny. Well done Helen.

  • Oz Ozzie says:

    > I don’t buy that at all, Oz

    what don’t you buy?

    > Isn’t it the rich Americans who have imposed the elements in
    > the system like healthcare, incessant warfare?

    well, yes, that’s my point

    I don’t read those blogs, but I do read intelligent blogs from USA. I said “Americans a bred for stupidity” not “all americans are stupid”

  • Hank Reardon says:

    Lazy Lefties that don’t care about their (more importantly others) liberties are not meant to understand the frustration, and hatred of capitalists. I just want to be free, and yes, I started “going john galt” years ago by producing less. The now socialist US economy does not deserve the fruits of the thinkers/producers. I wish I could accept the looting and stealing by our government, but, I am unable to. I am truely sorry that the liberals cannot and will not ever understand the emotion of being stolen from and beaten by a government which only exists because we let it.

  • Amanda says:

    Comrade, I understand. I feel that same way about Ticketmaster.

  • Helen says:

    Yes. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings sold out to NEXT YEAR. It’s the BREAD QUEUES PEOPLE. Except without any bread.

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  • Rebekka says:

    Ha. Best.Blog.Title.Evah.

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