3 Nov 2008, Comments (4)

Mr Bucket goes to town

Author: Helen

And is interviewed by MX magazine.


Text: Even Ned Kelly had a slit in his helmet. But Mr Bucket, Melbourne’s man of mystery, needs no such thing. Who is this rebel with a bucket? To find out visit www.mrbucket.com.au.

Disclaimer: MX magazine is a lowbrow, braindead waste of trees. It’s an environmental disaster and one of the worst ideas ever. However, if someone’s cottage industry was going to get exposure to half the eyeballs on the public transport system, it might as well be SO’s. And if MX disappeared tomorrow, I’d be dancing in the streets.

But the photo was kind of cool.

The Bucket man was also being followed around by some Swinburne film students. The Youtube clip will be out soon.

Comments (4)

  • Helen says:

    Update for people who might be looking for news about the boy: he had a really good eye test and his retina isn’t threatening to detach any more, which both make me really happy. However, the specialists are still muttering about “substantial damage” (party poopers, all of them) and he still isn’t allowed to exert himself, no running, no taekwondo, just sloooooow walking, which means he is suffering from severe cabin fever and is driving us all COMPLETELY CRAZY. But in a nice way.

    Just think, if he’d been any closer to the explosion he might have needed to wear a bucket over his head, for real.

  • Zoe says:

    good news, Helen. Wouldn’t want to cover up that pretty face.

  • Glad to hear he’s well and getting weller.

    You mean to tell me you didn’t get one of those plastic bucket things and attach it to his collar? I just love seeing dogs like that. I’d do it just to play a joke on him for at least a few hours. Even if you just sat around cutting and shaping the bucket and collar up for a day or so. Should deliver a good laff.

  • Helen says:

    Maybe there’s still time if we can concoct a story.
    And Zoe, thanks.

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