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Hutchison demands fair and balanced mockery

Author: Helen

Tracee Hutchison comes late to the party in noticing that some of the criticism and abuse of Sarah Palin is pure and simple sexism. Better late than never. But there is no excuse whatever for the way she ends the article.

Why aren’t we similarly learning about the price of Barack Obama’s suits? Or what it cost to deck out Michelle and the kids in those colour-toned matching outfits at the nomination acceptance? I’d estimate $25,000 for the four of them on that night alone — minimum.
It is plainly absurd, but the stories of Palin’s clothing extravagances squeezed her and Cindy McCain back into jeans this week as a counter-blow while Obama spent millions of dollars on a single ad.
And just why has Palin become such juicy fodder for comedians when comment on Obama’s race and colour are completely off limits? Clearly it’s OK to pillory women but it’s not OK to pillory people of colour. Why? I’m not sure. America, after all, has a proud history of burning white women at the stake so it’s not as though discrimination and recrimination have been exclusive to colour.
It would just be uncool to make fun of black people, so let the woman take the hit. Clearly. I don’t like Palin and the thought of her in the White House terrifies me. But playing the woman — once again — as political sport is even less attractive to watch.

Seriously, Tracey, have you been asleep through this whole campaign?

What do you think the whole trope about Barack’s middle name – calling him “Barack ‘Hussein'”- is about? Portraying him in cartoons wearing a crudely drawn turban?

Racist billboard in US election

You think racists haven’t been circulating crap like this via email and the internet?

Racist "Obama bucks" cartoon

(H/T: Shakesville Obama Racim/Muslim/Unpatriotic/Scary Black Dude watch. Which, at time of writing, was up to episode 103.)

The reason for the dearth of anti-Obama humour on your radar, Tracee, besides its extreme unfunniness, is that the Right are choosing smear tactics and sometimes murderous plots rather than raps with actors in moose costume as their MO of choice. So you’re offended because Obama’s off the hook for the price of his suits? Surely there’s a wealth of attempts to discredit him (the Ayers thing, the Acorn thing, the Hussein-Ayrab-Terrorist thing…) The only reason they haven’t gotten onto his clothing allowance is that they’re too busy digging for other non-existent, and racially motivated, dirt.

But by hiving off “abuse by comedians” from racist and sexist abuse in general, Hutchison makes it look as if Obama is Untouchable. Why? Because Obama’s opponents prefer death threats, hanging effigies, idiotic “Osama/obama” puns and unfunny bumper stickers about Obama being a terrorist?

Although there’s always the unintentional humour. (H/T: Belle.)

Comments (4)

  • Meself says:

    She is not the only journalist who, irregardless (©The Coodabeens) of sex, abides by two maxims of the on the make journo:- “Will write for money”and “Publish and be damned noticed”.

    Sad but …

  • Docwitch says:

    Personally I find Hutchison’s journalism consistently flabby. I never bother to read her.

  • ken says:

    Regardless, Sarah has been promoted far above her ability. If she had Hilary’s credibility and astuteness, she wouldn’t be quite soi vulnerable. I think she is being oversensitive about the price of her suits, who really cares.. Sexist, I’m not sure…

  • Hattie says:

    Well, by tomorrow evening we Americans will be dancing in the streets.

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