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Friday Dogblogging and …stuff.

Author: Helen

Here are things that are cheering me up at the moment, because heaven knows I need it, and maybe you do too. Boychild has a retinal tear as well as the other stuff, but he will still be OK as long as the retina doesn’t detach. We’ve been to the Eye and Ear Hospital a couple of times this week so the specialists can check him for whether laser surgery on the tear is the way to go. He has no pain and claims to have plenty of vision. He’s healing.

This week’s dog photo features Boychild’s left side, aka the side that was nearly blown up. He looks much like this again, except for a few scratches on the nose and the stitched wound on his hairline, which his hair will cover. We’re all so relieved it wasn’t worse.

I’ve been laughing at this photo (and both laughing and headdesking at a lot of the other good stuff on Making Light).

And because someone had to do it:

From Chris Clarke at www.faultline.org

From Chris Clarke. There’s another marvellous thing – after I chucked a major sulk because CRN closed down, Chris has popped up almost straight away at Coyote Crossing. Hooray!

Unaware of All Internet Traditions department: Giblets from Fafblog posts at the Guardian. I haven’t read through all the comments, but it seems a fair proportion of commenters think he’s for real. And they are not amused! D’oh!

The fact that Paul Krugman won the Nobel Prize for economics is making me very happy, and because I’m not a very nice person, the huffing and puffing from Wingnut World makes me happy as well. Crooked Timber’s ‘Oh Noes! My Head Asploded” award for 2008 has been making me laugh. Here’s the result (Which of our Australian champions would you pick)? I have trouble looking at that animated gif, though, for obvious reasons!

I went to see Llareggub (Under Milk Wood) on the spur of the moment, put on by RMIT drama as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival and featuring Sam of Sails of Oblivion as the Rev. Eli Jenkins, Mr Pugh and Evans the Death. My favourite play ever, I think.
Sam got some of the best bits, too.

Here’s your arsenic, dear.
And your weedkiller biscuit.
I’ve throttled your parakeet.
I’ve spat in the vases.
I’ve put cheese in the mouseholes.
Here’s your… [_Door creaks open_
…nice tea, dear.

Caroline of Beelzebublog’s got a new horse, and he’s a beauty! She is feeling much better, too. I think Luke will be very happy once the new boy has got over the novelty of the whole thing and stops chasing him around. I wish I could have one, but my back yard just isn’t big enough.

I’ve just blogrolled Susoz’s London blog, London Calling. I’m envious of people who go to live and work overseas; I did once, but it was in 1977! One day…

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