3 Oct 2008, Comments (11)

They’ll probably need a shower

Author: Helen

Atom bomb

“Mum, do we have any bicarbonate of soda?”

“Here. What do you need it for?” (Thinks: It’d be lovely if he said “scrubbing the bathroom tiles”, but somehow I think not.)

“Making a weapon of mass destruction.”


“Mum, can I have my pocket money?”

::Snip boring lecture about please don’t spend it on lollies because he’s had way too much sugar lately including the hedgehogs he made himself::

“No, we’re buying Diet Coke and Mentos.”

Comments (11)

  • kate says:

    At least he only wanted bicarb, he wasn’t checking out the internet for good deals on sythetic fertilisers or something.

    I’ve been teaching the kid to say “Echuca” because that’s where he’s going for the weekend. Without me.

  • hmpph says:

    We did the diet coke and mentos experiment at kindergarten. Oh how we built up the anticipation and the expectation. We had the children stand riiight back, the staff member performing the experiment had her raincoat on. It went about 5 cm high. The children were standing so far back they couldn’t see it over the rim of the paper mache volcano we had made! It turned into what I call “A Life Lesson”. (We seem to have a lot of those!)

  • Helen says:

    My kid’s life lesson was that $5 will only buy you a SMALL bottle of diet coke and Mentos. Oh the prices these days. And don’t give him ideas, Kate 🙂

  • Pavlov's Cat says:

    I’d never heard of this. Now I am off to the shops, post-haste. The ancient Burberry needs a dry-clean in any case.

  • tigtog says:

    So, how did it go? Epic WIN or FAIL?

  • Helen says:

    Boy just blew a plastic bottle top off with bicarb and vinegar (he’s gone back to the basics.)
    He talked me into buying a 2LT bottle of vinegar. I made him do his exploding in the park as I’d just limed the back yard and didn’t want it all acidic again. (Sorry, City of Maribyrnong)
    How did you go Pav?

  • David says:

    Helen, just be thankful that the chemicals we used to buy by the pound jar (potassium nitrate, flours of sulphur, and charcoal) are no longer available to minors …

    I’m lucky I still have all my fingers.

  • Pavlov's Cat says:

    I lost interest. There’s far too much mess around here as it is. But I did notice the local 24/7 servo seemed to have both Mentos and Diet Coke prominently on special, so it’s obviously a fairly virulent meme.

  • TimT says:

    I can remember doing this sort of thing with my brother. Ah, good times, good times!

  • Nabakov says:

    I roundly second TimT. Go Boychild!

    Half the fun of being a young mancub is fooling around with stuff like this. Chemistry sets! Where you threw away the instructions and left potassium permanganate stains in the bathtub. Half-arsed trechubets made out of meccano scaring the shit out of the cats. Making your own bows and arrows, blowpipes and slingshots. And bamboo cannons! (instructions available on request). Bottle rocket duels.

    Thank god I had a sensible and worldly mum around to nip the most dangerously incipient antics in the bud, turn a tactfully blind eye elsewhere and put bandaids on and kiss better the odd scrapes and cuts incurred.

    “Outside!”, “I don’t care who started it, clean it up! All of it!” and “Well it was full this morning” are the core messages of any mum dealing with pre-pubescent male spawn. Along with “Why thank you for bringing us that surprise breakfast in bed darling. However next time, don’t try to fry the bacon, eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms all in the teapot at once.”

  • Rayedish says:

    Aha! Thank you. Now another piece of the puzzle posed by this clip (one of my favs):
    has fallen into place. (For those that don’t want to copy and paste it the video clip for Weezer’s pork and beans, which features many, many references to popular youtube clips, including it seem the mentos and diet coke fountain)

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