19 Sep 2008, Comments Off on Friday Earworm

Friday Earworm

Author: Helen

It’s been one hell of a week. It seems natural that this song has been following me around.

This old town is filled with sin,
It’ll swallow you in
If you’ve got some money to burn.
Take it home right away,
You’ve got three years to pay
But Satan is waiting his turn

This old earthquake’s gonna leave me in the poor house
It seems like this whole town’s insane
On the thirty-first floor your gold plated door
Won’t keep out the Lord’s burning rain.

Here’s the original version.

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  • Amanda says:

    mmmm Dwight — Damn that boy is hotter than a two dollar pistol. Yum.

    Actually my fave version of Sin City is the one Dwight did at the “Return to Sin City” Gram Parson tribute where he and the band really rip it up.

  • Zoe says:

    Beats my Earworm of Teh Week. Remember the lovely Colin from Playschool? He now has a flourishing career as a Christian Country & Western musician for children:

    With trademark fun and lively music, Colin brings us a new collection of songs and memory verses to challenge, teach and encourage young and old alike with truths from God’s Word. Whether it’s the mayhem of “The Chooky and Her Chickies”, the catchy “Hooley Dooley Wop Bam Boom!”, the instantly memorable “Ho Cha Cha – John 14:6” or the rocking “Passing Through”, with “Jesus Rocks The World” Colin once again delivers another AUSSIE PRAISE for kids™ album chock full of Biblical truth and infectious musical energy.

    I never thought “That’s 1 Corinthians! would appear in a call and response lyric during pass the parcel, but there you go. And he has a new blog.

  • Helen says:

    No – Boychild was born in 1997, so it’s possible that we missed the Colin phenomenon!

  • Amanda says:

    Colin Buchanan’s been a country/folk singer for yonks — before Play School. He has a million Golden Guitars.

    But Ho Cha Cha – John 14:6 – pass.

  • brownie says:

    Dwight Yoakam’s knee-twitching is pretty damn cute, but I am old enough to have the Flying Burrito Brothers original album version.
    There is a blog titled Gilded Palace Of Sin. gaycowboys.

    *goes off humming “my buddies shun me, since I turned to Jesus.
    They say I’m missing a whole world of fun …” *

  • Armagny says:

    Has me earworms most days along the lines of
    monkey monkey
    wiggley party
    go tro tro, go tro tro
    and of course the very cute pehhh pah- pigg!

    Real songs, has me not.

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