12 Sep 2008, Comments Off on Friday Earworm

Friday Earworm

Author: Helen

I’m trying to start Girlchild off on guitar, so I asked her to give me a list of songs she liked to sing so that I could look them up and get the words and chords.

Here’s one she came up with.

Here’s the lyrics and chords. I took them for a cranberry-esque Irish band at first, but they’re from Texas. The bridge is quite creepy in a Flowers in the Attic kind of way, but do I understand what it means? Hell no.

Gorgeous harmonies. Girlchild will have to wait, though, because there are a few too many chord changes for her. And I don’t like F chords for beginners. They are a bey-otch.

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  • phil@vvb says:

    I s’pose she’s something contemporary – ie anything over 10 years old will be out? Shame – Eagles is perfect beginners music. I’ll look through my tab books if I get a minute and see if there’s anything at all new-ish.

  • Bernice says:

    There was another Irish band pre-Cranberries – Mondays? Tuesdays? Wednesdays? the point I’m attempting to make is slicker version thereof.

    That your sprog should display such taste in music – The Tormentor’s idea of music cool consists only of the Hotwheel movies’ soundtracks….

  • Helen says:

    I may be a bit hasty about that – Blogger Space Cowboy at Shakesville is waxing enthusiastic about… Neil Peart and Rush.

  • David says:

    You could try transposing to another key and giving your daughter a capo if necessary, to put it back into the right key for her voice. Still, F shouldn’t be that difficult for a beginner (it’s one of the first chords I learnt about 45 years ago) – half-bar on strings 1 and 2 with index finger, then strings 3 and 4, maybe damp bottom strings with thumb if her hands are big enough. The change from F to Dm is easy, in fact she could almost get away with playing a Dm all the way through, as Dm7 is almost identical to F.

  • Helen says:

    Thanks David!

    Their name – Eisley – was one of the reasons (along with the lead singer’s voice and the folk-influenced style) I thought the band was Irish. Here’s where it actually comes from:

    Mos Eisley (pronounced /məʊs ‘aɪzliː/) was a large spaceport town on the planet Tatooine. It was the largest settlement on the planet and generally known as the “armpit of the galaxy”.

    (From Wookiepedia)

    They dropped the “mos” because they were afraid the George Lucas monolith would come after them for copyright violation. This has been a most interesting exercise in challenging my assumptions!

  • Helen says:

    Yes, I’m just being a bit open-F-ist because it can be a tricky chord to strum.

  • David says:

    The thing is, with a 4-string F, that it isn’t really any harder to strum than the Dm. In each case, if she accidentally snags the open A string, it’ll still sound OK (if a little odd), as A is in both Dm and F, and it’s only the open E that’s a real problem. It’ll give her an incentive to strum accurately (or you could start her out on a tenor guitar).

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