11 Sep 2008, Comments (6)

Are these the people you want in control of your body?

Author: Helen

Gianna Jessen with priests outside Parliament House, Victoria

This is a strange image for Victoria in 2008: The man of science flanked by religion and what can only be called, without a shadow of hyperbole, the Patriarchy. And embracing (literally) US religious fundamentalism.

I’ve mentioned Bag News Notes before, the blog which analyses images from the US news. I’d love to hear what they would have to say about this image.

Comments (6)

  • Fine says:

    Did you have a letter published in the Age today? If so, it was a very good one.

  • lauredhel says:

    There have always been fundamentalist assholes in the medical profession, which is almost as patriarchal as the Church. Why is a cochlear-implant specialist is being dragged out as an “expert”? Because they can lie and lie and lie, and people will believe them because they want to.

    But if they wanted to, they probably could have found an OBGYN to parrot the same paternalistic, misogynistic garbage. These people are _everywhere_.

  • Helen says:

    Thank you Fine!
    Lauredhel – I wonder if they did try to find an OB/GYN? I’m sure they would only have to walk a short distance to St V’s. I ended up in the casualty section there decades ago after a bicycle accident and forgetting where I was (as you do) I said I was concerned about missing my daily pill and could they supply some from the hospital pharmacy. The look I got! ROFL!

    I was thinking I should have had a caption competition.
    “Behind you!…Behind you!!”

  • lauredhel says:

    If they tried and failed, it wouldn’t be because they couldn’t find someone with those ideas. It’s always possible they didn’t find anyone with the appropriate gaps in their schedule, though.

  • Dr S says:

    Unlikely to get an Obstetrician, even one of the Catholic ones, up in the same position. I strongly suspect the college would be giving them a quick call (toothless tiger though they may be)


    The bottom line is the other people in your practice would be moderately displeased with you pushing for them to remain subject to the caprice of the courts. Much easier to wheel out the chap at the end of a truly illustrious career with absolutely nothing to loose.

  • blue milk says:

    What a telling photo.

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