30 Aug 2008, Comments (4)

Friday Dogblogging posted on a Saturday

Author: Helen

That’s to show how much I scoff at convention.

Ollie has been going to the Rose Street Market with SO and Boychild to help sell Mr Bucket.


He’s relaxed about his celebrity.


Maggie in her basket

Maggie: “I is too ky00t to need a kapshun.”
She’s recharging her energies, by the looks of it.

Comments (4)

  • shula says:

    I love Mr Bucket.

    Lovely dogs.

  • Fine says:

    You’re dogs look very cute, Helen. If I remember correctly you’re taking them to Hobson’s Bay dog School? I used t take my dog there in the ’70s when I was a kid.

  • Helen says:

    Holy toledo, Fine. It’s been going that long??!?! It’s a very good dog club. It costs about $15 pa plus $2 per lesson. Best money I ever spent.

  • Fine says:

    Yep, Helen .That long. A couple of years ago I went to some anniversary dinner for them and was shocked to see some Super 8 footage of me when I was about 12 years old with my dog. I was watching it thinking ‘ Who’s that girl? She looks familiar’. And then the penny dropped. It’s a shock to see yoursef on film that young when you don’t expect it. The dog club is a really old Port Melbourne institution.

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