9 Jul 2008, Comments Off on School holidays still ongoing

School holidays still ongoing

Author: Helen

Can someone please tell me why Brendan Nelson is always being given column- and air-space lecturing Kevin Rudd how to conduct himself in various matters of state? Why should we care what he thinks? It’s so embarrassing!

Young Brendan, on the ABC:

Now he’s actually going to be able to eyeball these people, and he ought to be a human blowtorch and put direct pressure on them to actually commit to a global response to climate change.

…and, and, (waves toy glow-in-the-dark Jedi sword), he should shoot them all and go Peeiw! Peeiw! …Aaaaaaaaaghiiiiie!)
*Strikes imitation Ninja pose*

However, young Brendan wasn’t really sure how tough that blowtorch should be, and he suddenly realised where he was. Putting on his grown-up voice:

But it will be an act of environmental suicide, an act of economic suicide, if Australia were to be so far in front of the world implementing an ill-considered, not yet put properly developed and tested emissions trading scheme, if we haven’t got a genuinely global response.

OK, so be a blowtorch to your people, but don’t actually do anything that might upset anyone.
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  • Oz Ozzie says:

    Brendon Nelson is a such an idiot. To use my daughter’s favourite epithet: he’s a ding-dong.

    I haven’t figured out whether Dr Nelson has something over the editors and news controllers, or whether they’re enthusiastically giving him enough rope to commit suicide in a glorious fashion – or both.

  • M-H says:

    But much much worse: This morning the ABC’s morning report gave about ten minutes to a report on John Winston Howard’s view of what KR is doing wrong. Who bloody cares what he thinks? Good thing is that he sounded like the querulous old man he is. At least BN is the Leader of the Opposition – who is Howard?

  • joe2 says:

    Letting Bumbles Nelson, Dolly, and now JWH have lots of time, in the various parts of media, is part of a vast left wing conspiracy to make the Liberals look like complete idiots and unfit for government.

    So far it is working a treat.

  • Helen says:

    M-H isn’t wrong though. Just flopped down exhausted in front of the teeve after a long day and what do I see? JWH! Pontificating… and walking in his tracksuit!

    At Our ABC, it seems it might as well be 2007! Gahh!

  • M-H says:

    I think that Joe2 has a point. My partner also thinks this is the strategy. As for Dolly, this is probably the best indication that nothing exciting is happening, or likely to happen, in Cyprus. Good news for Cyprus, but if they only knew the price they are about to pay.

  • dysthymiac says:

    Brendan apparently has a degree in medicine.
    Can you imagine letting him put a stethoscope or sphagnomometer on you?

  • ChrisS says:

    Or a speculum?

    Ok, been bad again, going now.

  • Helen says:


    Ann O’, that spaghnomometer, is that the disposable blood pressure tester which can be eaten afterwards, developed for third world nations by Giancarlo Spotti?

    *Runs away*

  • dysthymiac says:

    oh Muriel, you’re awful.

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