29 Jun 2008, Comments (5)

Invasion of the Bloggy snatchers

Author: Helen

When I checked the Balcony this morning, the latest post was missing. After first-line technical response (aka blinking sleepily and refreshing the page) I realised it really was not there. Logging into the site admin, I found the post in its usual listing, but with a whole heap of HTML added: a bunch of links to the usual V1@gr@, “buy tickets” and similar nonsense.

So the comment spammers have found a way to insert HTML into your posts. Just a warning to the unwary WordPress blogger: If a post disappears, go into the “manage posts” page, find the missing item and check the text carefully.

Update 29/6: The buggers just did it to this post. Fixed now. Effing cheek!

Comments (5)

  • M-H says:

    Eeeew! This is scarey. I had no idea that this was possible.

  • Helen says:

    Nothing compared to what you’re going through, M-H. I’m very sorry to read about it. Hugs to you.

  • Zoe says:

    I’ve had this happen too, Helen, but upgrading fixed it (after removal of 300+ spam links, etc). With me, the text was actually gorn. They often make it hard to find the stuff because you don’t see it unless you go hunting, but it still registers in SEO terms.

  • Zoe says:

    Also, I feel sure that picture of yours is dead accurate.

  • Mark says:

    Boo to evil spammer hackers.

    And Tag! Oh, and Hi!

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