24 Jun 2008, Comments Off on What are the odds…

What are the odds…

Author: Helen

…that when Boychild did his ukulele number in the school music concert last night, the kid immediately before him (guitar*) would belong to a well-known Melbourne blogger (and a regular read of mine?)

I tell you, *waving arms*, what are the odds, people!

*Epiphone, cherry red vintage style copy. Guitar playing bloggers- Shaun? Jack? eat your hearts out.

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  • Fire Fly says:

    So how long have you been stalking Jabberwocky? ;-p

  • Ariel says:

    I know! Nice to finally meet you. I can say hello next time I see you in the street or at school, now (I’m sure I have plenty of times and didn’t know it was you).

    Wow, you know more about his guitar than I do. It is pretty cool, though.

  • Helen says:

    No, Firefly, I’m stalking the guitar. Next time… 🙂

  • ThirdCat says:

    That is way cool.

  • Ariel says:

    He’s planning to start taking it to school for practice. So … I’ll have to make sure he keeps a close eye on it!

  • Helen says:

    OMG. I hope it’s insured. Things do get pinched from schools, with so many kids there.

  • Ariel says:

    Hmm, good point. Might have to do that … Thanks for the tip.

  • kate says:

    You really need it insured. Kids also, um, vague out and leave expensive musical instruments on trains sometimes.

    If they happen to be travelling to Glenroy, I can tell you you will never see the fiddle again. If however they are travelling to the CBD for their school on The Other Side, some suit might hand in their trumpet.

    Jus’ sayin’.

    No my Mum didn’t murder my brother and I when we lost two musical instruments within a few weeks. But I’m sure she considered it.

  • Helen says:

    There was a news item the other day about somebody who lost a stradivarius. I would hate to be that person.
    Apparently he cried when it was found (with relief) but I’m sure it’s taken 10 years off his life, at least.

  • Bwca says:

    aww – skool concerts!
    What did he play?
    What did Jabber Jnr play?
    I played Home On The Range on my uke when I was in 3rd grade.
    still got the uke.
    Hand made late 1940’s, at Hec McLennans in Balaclava but branded SUVA.

    2. Adult musos vaguely leave their axes about, also.
    They come home from a gig at 3am and put axe on Alexandra Ave South Yarra riverside footpath while getting car in garage, then stagger up steps to house.
    The wife goes down for paper next morning and sees commuters at bus stop regarding the abandoned Martin D40.

    Wife takes paper and ax into house and
    calls up stairs “where your ax, man?”

    response: primal scream. primal.

  • Helen says:

    That’s a great story, Bwca.
    Jabber Jnr (heh!) played an original song called (dramatic pause) rivers of blood.

    A boy after my own heart, obviously.

    Boychild still likes to bring teh silly and he played On Top of Spaghetti. Voice was a bit strangled due to nerves. I’ve told him he can switch to guitar next year (the ukulele thing was really due to Mum refusing to buy a guitar after she’d forked out for a good keyboard and then he immediately changed his instrument choice.)

  • Bwca says:

    OMG the Mini-Wocky must be seeing too much cheap TV – rivers of blood? – from a 10-y-o ?
    will CSV use mothers blog content to bolster a case?
    nah. they’re too slack.

  • Helen says:

    Settle, petal! It’s more likely he got it from Harry Potter.
    Teh kids learn the grunge early these days. The music teachers give them AC/DC and Nirvana to learn. I think those of our generation™ who made the Crystal Ballroom and the Prince our second homes might be partly responsible 😉

  • Has he seen the massed Melb Uke mob? – A great uke medley/ combination is “Tide is High” mixed up with “Rudi (Message to You)”

    Rivers Of Blood is just crying out for a death metal treatment

  • Ariel says:

    Jabber Jnr … ha!

    I thought Boychild was great – he played through his nerves beautifully. Jabber Jnr was too nervous to sing at all, so points to Boychild for managing it in front of people – so nerve wracking, I imagine. He got some very nice applause for his efforts.

    Okay … River of Blood … it’s a metal influence, yeah. Spot on, Helen. He is a HUGE AC/DC fan. Probably some comic book influence in there too. Goosebumps graphic novels.

    Might I add in my defence that in fact Mini-Wocky is banned from TV (or computers) at all during the week and only watches it in sporadic bursts on weekend. Take that CSV!

  • David says:

    My youngest son (like yours, having just been purchased a rather nice keyboard) insisted on: a. changing instrument choice to guitar; and b. refusing to even consider using my lovely vintage (1962) Maton Flamingo. Fortunately we got a good trade-in on the keyboard to buy a horrid new Jackson guitar. It’s currently near the bottom of my own guitar mountain in the living room, as he scarcely plays it these days. Said guitar mountain happens to include a (new) Epiphone with a semi-matte finish – lovely instrument, great for blues. I heard it calling “Dave, you must buy me” when I was in Allens buying strings …

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