24 May 2008, Comments (7)

Mream Reamed

Author: Helen


(or, as I found out when I had my PA look it up, Maribyrnong river edge artist’s movement)

Thank you for spending thirty years helping to build Footscray riverside precinct’s hip, funky ambience. Now it’s ripe for us to move in and take over. Thanks to your cultural events and all your hard work, we’ll realise a greater profit when we’ve taken your artists’ studio and converted it into dozens of hip and happening apartments for the upwardly mobile. Great work!

Hoping you can find some nice accommodation, somewhere like, well, Braybrook. -Hey, drop us a line once you’ve made Braybrook hip and happening, ay? Love your work!



MREAM studio, with the iconic mirror bug

Update 2/6/2008: Von from Mream writes:

If you want to support MREAM artists please come to our exhibition at FCAC, opening Thursday 5th at 5 pm.
Or else look out for our final sales and exhibition in July.

Just the thing if you need birthday or wedding presents, or are otherwise in need of art.

Comments (7)

  • Dan says:

    Well said. We need some way of protectng the commons that artists create agains the tragedy of those who seek to exploit it. It seems so obvious that these kinds of institutions add value to the community in the same way that trees and parks do, and it also seems obvious that by selling them out to developers we risk destroying everything that people once loved about those places (even more if the incoming residents find the arty ambience incomatible with their version of the suburban fantasy, cf The Espy, The Rainbow etc).

  • claire says:

    Have you PA call my PA for lunch one day, darrrrling.
    You’ll do so well in Braybrook. Screw that!

    Gentrification happening time and time again, it’s always the poor people and those living on the edges that get pushed towards the next edge like cliff-face.

    What an eyesore the new apartments will be! There will be more need for local artist to liven up the riverfront after the dogboxes are filled with Ikea modular furniture. jeeze, i feel a revolution coming on,……

  • Pol the painter says:

    As a nod to history (or a cynical marketing ploy) the hip and funky bedsits are to be sold as “studios”. So what are we worried for?
    The shame of so much housing being built is that many Footscray artists have perenial problems with housing. Meanwhile Low income housing for junkies and clients of the Human Services department (at the other end of the street) is readily available in the Arts precinct.
    Artists largely don’t qualify for such as they make just enough income from their work to be hounded off benefits and not enough to be attractive tenants.
    While the adjacent Footscray Arts Centre has built itself into a local fixture it is in danger of becoming isolated in the area due to noise complaints from newly encroaching neighbours. If only the street had been envisioned as an Arts Colony! Oh that’s right it was… then council sold the land to developers and the Human Services department. Years later the council would like to help But.
    I took the photo on the blog, with Micheal’s bug in foreground. My studio is the one with the window.
    If anyone has a house with studio attached, please let me know. I’m homeless yet again…

  • Helen says:

    Hello Pol!

    You know me, I’m Helen from Rococopops (way back in the olden days.) We have said hello several times since then as we bump into each other at festivals!

    For those who haven’t seen Pol’s work, here’s a lovely painting of the rail crossing in our town. I’m not sure but I think you can still buy his stuff from the MREAM studio if you’re quick.

    Pol, leave a comment on my blog when you do find a new place so that I can give you a plug.

  • Helen says:

    Crafty bloggers can drool over the colours and textures of Pamela McFadyen’s work. She has had a long association with my kids’ school. She has taught weaving and other textile crafts there for years.

  • dysthymiac says:

    ooh I can’t wait till RH wades right into this and rails about gentrification as he usually does.

  • Von from MREAM says:

    If you want to support MREAM artists please come to our exhibition at FCAC, opening Thursday 5th at 5 pm.
    Ot else look out for our final sales and exhibition in July.


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