26 Mar 2008, Comments Off on The Kids are All Right redux

The Kids are All Right redux

Author: Helen

The World’s Greatest Shave is a fundraiser in which the participants shave their heads and are sponsored for doing it. The money goes to the Leukaemia Foundation. Many of you remember when John Quiggin shaved off his iconic beard for the cause in a father-and-son shave. (This year, he’s coloured his hair instead.)

Our friends’ daughter has gone the full Telly Savalas, and she is only eight, so I think she deserves MUCH KUDOS. Girlchild, you bitchin’. “During” and “After” pics under the fold.

Worlds Greatest Shave: Before

Worlds Greatest Shave: Too late to stop now


The comments posted on the WGS site were a crackup. Dad:

On 31 Jan 08, T. wrote:
Was this your Mothers idea ? Wait til I see her next visit, good luck. Love Dad

NB – they do live in the same house last time I looked.
But Grandma is old-skool!

On 5 Mar 08, Grandma wrote:
My darling Girlchild, I do not approve of this action just as I was horrified when your Father shaved his head however, as it is for a good cause I will sponsor you – just don’t send me any photos I don’t want to know. Grandma

That would have increased the cool factor somewhat. It’s her mother though who caused me to ruin yet another keyboard:

On 30 Jan 08, B. wrote:
Dear Girlchild, It has been 8 years since your father and I had the back of your head tattooed. We can’t wait to see it. Love from your mother.

She’s a champion.

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  • kate says:


    Some people get worried that shaving your head will somehow ‘remind’ people of their cancer treatment or otherwise traumatise cancer patients (or former cancer patients). That really isn’t the case. Because people really don’t forget that they have, or have had, leukemia. So feel free to Shave for a Cure, or just for the hell of it. It’s not bald heads that remind me of my little sister losing her hair during chemo, it’s missing eyebrows that make me cry.

  • Anastasiya says:

    I think tattooing a child’s head – if that really happened – is wrong – children are people not property

  • Helen says:

    Joke!! That’s the thing – her family have a great ghoulish sense of humour (which I love, but perhaps isn’t for everyone)

    The clover (?) shape on the back of her head is a temporary tattoo which they offer them just for fun at the end of the shaving process.

    (Also, it seems to be a no. 1 haircut rather than a shave per se – still, very brave!)

  • Anastasiya says:

    Oh thank G*d

    I was just concerned – the “children are property” mentality has led to a lot of horrible things and having suffered myself i am pretty sensitive to it all

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