7 Mar 2008, Comments Off on International Women’s day: A day without feminism

International Women’s day: A day without feminism

Author: Helen

Today I’ll be busy driving up to Healesville with TessMckenna and Karen Rush to do a gig for the Sista Fest, an IWD event organised by two women. Apparently it’s not the name of a one-off music festival but an ongoing moveable feast, raising money for women’s services:

Warburton entrepreneurs Cindy Smith and Dawn Holland make up half of Sista Fest, a new group which will present its first festival event in Healesville on 8 March, International Women’s Day…
…With Merryn Tinkler and Jennifer Grinter, Cindy and Dawn founded Sista Fest, a not-for-profit organisation aimed at raising funds for women’s health and education within Australia and around the world by promoting women’s artistic expression.
Dawn said the seed for Sista Fest was sown last year when the women shared their grief at too many friends lost to diseases such as breast, cervical and ovarian cancers.
Sista Fest will be officially launched at the IWD Music Festival.

We’ll be playing one hour set and the rest of the time will just be a weekend away from the family, with a late night, a leisurely brekky and then an equally leisurely drive back to town. Hard graft, I know, but I’m willing to step up and make that sacrifice.

In lieu of an actual IWD post, then, I give you this PDF by two 1970 born women: a day without feminism. It’s an interesting thought experiment. It would be good to try adapting the idea (with attribution) to an Australian historical and social context. A project for another time.

H/T to the Power Liberal, who offers some sartorial suggestions for IWD.

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  • M-H says:

    I went to a depressing lunch at my (university) workplace. Pretty much no-one talked to anyone they didn’t know and virtually all the attendees were Asian women and therefore ignored by the organisers (the entirely while middle-class HR department); the speaker couldn’t be heard five feet from where she stood at one side of the (large) gathering; and one woman was sporting a badge that said “A woman’s place is everywhere”. I resisted the urge to ask if it was vintage. There was no indication that feminism has moved one centimetre from 70’s cultural feminism and don’t-rock-the-boat, women-are-so-wonderful, claptrap. ::sigh::

  • Caroline says:

    I just clicked onto Tess’ myspace site. Lovely voice and wow Helen, you’re a woman of many talents eh? A drummer? Fantastic. Hope you had a fine old time.

    Oh and appropos of this and the last post, I read an annoying piece by Angela Shanahan in today’s SMH, (who I haven’t really paid terribly much attention to, so have no opinion about one way or another, or perhaps simply, am underwhelmed).. Anyway she argues that feminism is irrelevant. She ought to consider the Paul Robinsons’s of the world, with whom the battle lies. Unfortunately it is an ideological battle and people such as he will never be able to see any point in rethinking his own. If it was good enough for Dad, its good enough for me etc.

  • Helen says:

    Angela Shanahan is always annoying! Actually, what got up my goat on Saturday was Kenneth Nguyen in the Age. If they’re gonna give space to a bloke writing on feminism on IWD (and there are quite a few blokes who could do the job well, some of them are in my blogroll)– they might at least pick someone who doesn’t choose that opportunity and that platform to scold us for opinions he imagines we hold.

    Sistafest gig was great fun – if you ever get the chance to see Vardos then grab it. M-H, I know what you mean – sometimes us oldies can get a bit anachronistic if we don’t watch out. But (and this is where KN dropped the ball) if you read the feminist blogs you know there’s a lot of good stuff out there.

  • genevieve says:

    Well, I’m reading this a bit too late! would have come and listened if I’d known. Brekky in Healesville is never something to be sorry for either, hope you had a nice one Helen.
    That Shanahan piece was appalling. Haven’t seen KN’s.

  • Oz Ozzie says:

    So that’s why traffic was so appalling in Healesville today?

  • Helen says:

    There were quite a few festivals on in the Yarra valley this weekend. Joint was jumpin’!

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