4 Mar 2008, Comments Off on Friday Tuesday Dog Blogging: The Cute Onslaught begins

Friday Tuesday Dog Blogging: The Cute Onslaught begins

Author: Helen

This was supposed to be Friday Dog blog, but what the hell!
I fixed my image display problem, and I’m having a rush of blood to the head on accounta my own extreme cleverness.


This is Ollie.

More Ollie than you can stand, under the fold!

More Ollie

More Ollie

Yet more Ollie

Yet more Ollie, showing the handsome profile.

Ollie and Maggie

Is Maggie happy?

More Ollie and Maggie

What do you reckon?

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  • Madeleine says:

    Hi helen

    I will forward this onto all the people who have enquired as to how he is going.

    He looks just great

  • I thought you said cute. I’m complaining to ACCC or soemthing. Misrepresentation.

  • Helen says:

    But you don’t really do cute, FX. Vout and cute don’t really mix

  • suze says:

    Is he boxer/chihuahua? That’s my guess. And I think he’s really cute.

  • suze says:

    Or I guess pug/chi, looking at his size (and I think you mentioned pug).

  • Helen says:

    Suze, he’s actually a pugalier – half pug and half (ewwwww) Cavalier spaniel – one of my most un-favourite breeds. I just can’t see the Cavalier bit, though; there’s no lengh in the coat at all and his liddle ears are so tiny. It has fixed the short nose thing, though, he breathes really well. He does look like a boxer that’s been shrunk in the wash.

    Boychild and he are totally bonded. It’s lovely.

    So, we’ve got one vote for not cute and one vote for cute… oh, and the entire population of yarraville… I think FX is outvoted! 😉

  • suze says:

    Gosh, apart from the slightly poppy eyes, which is a pug thing too, I can’t see a trace of Cavalier either.

  • boynton says:

    Late vote for cute. (Commenting problems)

    And yep. Yap. I reckon Maggie looks pretty happy.

  • Helen says:

    You should see them wrestle all around the park, with bloodcurdling growls.

    I was worried about Mags because she couldn’t really give a shit about most dogs she encounters. But she LOVES this little fellow. Just as well, he’s going to be around for a while.

    I feel much better not leaving a dog alone while at work.

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