15 Feb 2008, Comments (1)

Friday Happy hedgehogblogging

Author: Helen

Since I have dropped my camera in the river, so I haven’t got any pictures of little Ollie yet – so frustrating – here’s something almost as cute.

Via Shakesville.

As far as the Ollmeister is going, he is chilled, except that if the daily routine is upset beyond a certain point, he does occasionally poo on the floor. This isn’t a housetraining issue – he’s perfectly capable of going the night inside. It’s the way he expresses his displeasure when his new humans stay out late or bring too many other people and dogs into the house. I’m quietly confident that when he crosses the six-month-or so mark and gets some real sense of security, he’ll stop doing it.

As for Maggie, she of the aloof haughtiness towards other dogs, she loves him so much it’s almost nauseating. I’d expected her to take a long time to accept him, but they’re now inseparable- snuggling, playing chase, wrestling and ever-so-gently growling together. It’s a beautiful thing.

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